Fedena Online: For Online Classes and Remote Teaching during Covid-19

Fedena Online: For Online Classes and Remote Teaching during Covid-19

Are you worried about the disruption to your academic calendar due to the Covid19 crisis?

The outbreak of coronavirus has forced millions of institutions to rapidly shift from in-person teaching to online teaching, due to which, many schools and teachers around the world are looking into how they can continue to teach their pupils remotely even if their schools need to close for a limited time.

To help your institution during this critical time, Fedena has come out with a solution using which the online learning, remote teaching and institute’s daily operations can be managed effortlessly. 

Fedena is the world’s leading college and school management software and since 2009, Fedena has been offering solutions to bring operations of institutes online: Here is how Fedena can help institution during Covid-19 crisis:

How to Conduct Online Classes in Fedena? 


Integrate Zoom application into Fedena

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >> Collaborate >> Servers >> New server
  • Select the server type as Zoom
  • Provide the name as Zoom or any name of your preference.
  • Update Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret and Zoom Webhook Token

To get an API Key and API secret. Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us sign in and click Build App. Use the JWT app and copy the credentials to setup a server in Fedena.

  • Save changes.

Once the Zoom server gets set in Fedena, then you are ready to conduct online classes and meetings with parents and institute employees.   

How teachers can create multiple online classes for different course students?

  1. Go to Menu >> Collaboration >> Collaborate >> New Zoom Meeting
  2. Give a preferred name for the online class
  3. Specify the agenda, enable a waiting room if required (or else you can let participants join the meeting directly), specify the duration and school email id.
  4. Now to add Students – Select Course and Add Students (similarly to set meeting with employees, an individual can select employees by choosing department and send meeting invitation) 
  5. Finally add the date and time to schedule the classes.

How can participants join online classes or meetings?

  1. Login to Fedena school instance using your id and PWD
  2. Go To Menu >> Collaboration >> Collaborate.
  3. Click on the join button against the meeting to join the meeting.

Note: The Zoom plugin works with an active Zoom account. Features may vary depending on the Zoom plan you are in.

Other Fedena features to simplify your institution daily tasks:  

Virtual Enquiries and Admissions:


During this time, where social distancing is mandatory, applicants can easily apply for any courses just by downloading the admission form and submitting it online. With the help of Online Enquiry and Admission Module, admin can keep a track on total enquiries, review the applications, manage the registration fees and hassle-free allot the batches to the qualified candidate at a click of a button.

Online Assessments:


The Online Exam module, test your learners by scheduling online exams with objective and subjective questions. Besides lightening the workload of faculty members, online exams help in saving a lot of time, money and paper usage.

Assignments and Homework:  


To help slow spread of coronavirus, ensure regular learning with daily assignments to your students. The Assignment Module is a very helpful feature for teachers as they can easily distribute homework assignments to the students with defined due dates, subject notes and attaching some resources. Once students submit the homework teacher can review it and provide feedback to students so that their learning won’t stop.

Contactless Communication:


Keep communication between your learners and the institution flowing using our Mobile App for Messaging, as well as our Email and SMS services. As the institution can send instant notification targeted information to students about upcoming classroom tests, new assignments, fee dues, etc. and to parents & teachers send invites about upcoming PTA meetings.

For more information, get in touch with our experts today- https://fedena.com/contact
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