Must-know Features for School Management Software Users

Must-know Features for School Management Software Users

A school management software helps in the digital transformation of a school through the different modules available in the software. With the help of the right vendor, your school also can get the benefits of digital transformation if implemented properly and with proper guidance. Almost all of the school management software comes with hundreds of functionality and it can be overwhelming for the users in a school to start using all the features and making the school software fully functional. So in most of the schools, a phase by phase approach is recommended instead of going for a big-bang approach.

The following are the features the first time users of a school management software must know and try to start using with the school management software to its full potential.

Features For Teachers

  • Teachers and Institutional timetable

All teachers can and must regularly access the teachers and institutional timetable from the school management software. It can be accessed through a mobile app or from a web browser. From the timetable, teachers can prepare for the upcoming classes well. Along with the timetable, teachers can use the school calendar to keep track of the institution level events that affect or involve their students.

  • Reminders

Reminders or communication tools within the school management software can be used to send alerts and reminders to parents about various things like announcements, holidays, assignments, etc. The parents receive these communications as either text messages or push alerts in mobile phones. All important communication from the school can be sent from the reminder module.

  • Payslips

The human resource management module of a school management software takes care of every HR process of the teachers and other non-teaching staff in the school. Teachers can access their payroll and monthly payslips from the software to download and share for personal purposes.

Features For Parents & Students

  • School Calendar

The school calendar available in the school software gives a birds-eye view of the academic year activities to the parents. This can be accessed from the parent’s login from the web browsers as well as the mobile app. In the calendar, parents can see different activities like holidays, examinations, parent-teacher meetings, other events, fee schedules, etc. and plan for the same.

  • Messaging Teachers

It is very important for the parents to get an option to communicate with the class teacher quickly and effectively. For this, the school management software provides a two-way communication tool that works very similarly to WhatsApp groups. Through these, the parents can send messages to teachers and the teacher will get instant notification for any new message received.

  • Gradebooks

The top priority and prime expectation of the parents from school are the academic excellent of their children. This is understood through the different examinations the school conducts for the students. The results of these examinations are share with parents using grade books. In school management software, the grade books are generated automatically and delivered to parent’s inbox through alerts. Parents can access and download the grade books from their mobile app or web-browser.

Features For Administrator

  • Student Information Dashboard

All the data from the life-cycle of any student within the school is available in the school management software in a single place. Whenever the performance of a student has to be analyzed, it can be done from a single place where all the data including but not limited to attendance, academic grades, discipline, non-academic performance, fee payments, teacher remarks, etc. are available across multiple years. This is very helpful in case the parent of a student visits the school and the principal or academic head needs the data about the student from a single place.

  • Fee Collection Data

The finance module of the school management software provides all tools and reports for the school admins to optimize and analyze the fee collection process. For all the private and semi-private schools, fee collection is the most important activity in an academic year to ensure the academic activities are executed properly. Any delay in fee collection can affect the school operations and this makes this module the most critical and most sought after. The different reports available in the module like fee-defaulter list helps the admins to speed up fee collection.

  • Custom Reports

This is a handy tool for administrators to combine reports across multiple modules to help with decision making as well as to submit to higher authorities. Any new custom report can be configured and saved for future use. Any updates in student, employee or operational data will be automatically updated in the custom reports. This module helps in avoiding recurring custom reporting demands from the higher management or government.

  • User Privileges

The in-depth user privileges management of the school management software gives the administrators the power to create multiple users to take care of the different modules of the software without compromising on data privacy and security.

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