Case Study: How Laksh Career Academy Reduces Loopholes & Manpower Cost effectively?

Case Study: How Laksh Career Academy Reduces Loopholes & Manpower Cost effectively?
About Laksh Career Academy: 

LAKSH Career Academy is one of the prominent institutes which provide coaching for competitive exams like prestigious UPSC Civil Services exams, Gujarat’s state PCS – GPSC exams among others. The institute was established on May 1, 2011(Gujarat Din) with the aim of providing quality coaching to the students for competitive exams. They have trained 1000s of aspirants from all corners of Gujarat. Many successful bright officers have LAKSH as their alma mater! 100s of successful Government servants in most of all govt. exams belong to their renowned institute. They also provide teaching to the candidates who are in preparation for various exams of the central government like Staff Selection Commission, Bank, Railway among others.

Candidates of LAKSH Academy

Executive Summary: In this case study, we take a deeper look at how the Fedena Pro solution helped Laksh Career Academy in centralizing the whole fragmented system without increasing their labor cost.

Challenges & Requirements:
  • The most common issue they were facing was regarding Fees Installment Collection. On a day to day basis, they receive multiple applications for batches admission and sometimes if they fail to collect timely installments, it used to affect them dearly! Therefore, they hire additional resources for their timely fees collection & used to issue hand-written fee receipts. Result in their operation cost started inflating, they discovered that the whole process was sometimes prone to errors and full of loopholes. So they wanted a fully automated solution.
  • The second issue was tracking the overall development of each candidate. Their existing system couldn’t provide a meaningful holistic view for them, as their data was fragmented among various systems. In that scenario, Laksh Academy couldn’t track the entire performance of any candidate. Thus management couldn’t take timely actions in any scenario. For example, for them, it is unable to view attendance records, fee payment history, installment details & candidate test progress at a single place to drive a meaningful output, as the whole data remains fragmented among multiple record systems. Resulting in no real-time tracking on any single candidate. These loopholes and lacunae disabled them from being effective and transformation management.
  • They were also facing issues in timely and orderly communication of various details to the candidates. For example, they used to manage timetables on a weekly basis for all batches. They generate a timetable using google sheet. From there to communicate to faculties they used to send time-tables in the calendar and thus faculties will get an idea along with phone follow-ups. Besides students, they created various Whatsapp groups batch-wise. But it was very difficult as with every admission they need to update WhatsApp groups. It was a labor-intensive operation. Thus they faced difficulties in mass communication which shall be targeted and effective.

Laksh Career Academy Case Study

The Solution:

Laksh Career Academy was suffering from so many administrative issues, so they tried to study various available options in the market. It was a very sensitive decision for them to select the suitable Institute Management System for their organization. But as a reputed institute who is committed to providing quality education and services, they studied more than 10+ software. 

After talking to their counselor’s suggestion in detail and taking a demo they finalized Fedena’s Pro Solution.

Key Highlights:

As we all know, starting with new software is not always. But as the Laksh Academy went on the Support page and kept on reading, they found out that the configuration of the whole system according to their need is much simpler and easily doable. Slowly it changed the whole scenario. Videos were also very helpful in understanding every feature in detail. One by one they were able to start operating various features. It was like a silent revolution for them. 

Now they are able to solve all the above-discussed problems. And with less man-power and cost inputs, Laksh Academy is able to manage the aspirant’s needs better. They got centralized control over the whole system. Students also liked it as they will be able to see everything online. The whole process becomes digitized as they issue printed receipts, installment collection and tracking is also very effective and agile. 

Tracking students’ data on a single place becomes possible after using Finance, Admission, Messaging features of Fedena. 

Reasons for choosing Fedena were not one but many: 

  • Fedena is able to solve the fundamental needs of automation. As it provides an adequate depth of knowledge that is needed to run their academic system efficiently. 
  • It is a cloud-based solution that empowers them to monitor the day to day of your institution from anywhere at any time. 
  • It is an easily customizable solution. And it expands and connects to various apps and services in the real-time work environment, which helps them in evolving, growing and altering their dynamic needs. 
  • Before buying such a large system, we also studied lots of reviews. In global platforms of CIMS like Gradelink, Schoology, Xplor, Igradplus, Class365, the only recognized and noted Indian system was FEDENA. 
  • Thus we settled for Fedena as a holistic cloud-based solution to run premiere institutions. We also like team members talk and adequate. So we found that very professional.
The Success:

After implementing Fedena, we noticed enormous changes. 

  • It brought a smile on the faces of students. As they are able to monitor everything on phones. Time and resources are saved like anything. 
  • It helped them financially too. The cost of manpower decreases tremendously. With less manpower, they were able to supervise large operations. Installment collection became timely thus reducing the chances of default. 
  • It reduced errors, bugs, loopholes from the system and at large scale operations seamless productivity became possible. 

Fedena is a trusted and most reliable platform in the education field. It is successful not only in India but also across the globe. LAKSH CAREER ACADEMY can only provide effective, more meaningful and relevant service through Fedena. 

This system is a great boon for us. Thank you Team Foradian for making us successful! In terms of administrative reforms, we were able to run in no time that in brick and mortar way may have taken so many years. Fedena is a true disruption in the education world.”

Laksh Career Academy Case Study

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