12 ways to enhances students/parents experience through School ERP

12 ways to enhances  students/parents experience through School ERP

With the digitization trends everywhere, schools are also absorbing the benefits of digital transformation through the implementation of various automation software like admission management, grade book management, parent-teacher communication app, online fee collection, etc. A school management software provides all these features under a single platform and helps the school ecosystem by improving the productivity of its faculty.

It also provides reliable communication to parents and reduces the effort and cost in school administration activities. Now with the software interface connecting the different users in school like teachers, administrators, academic heads, school directors, parents and students, the school management software is very critical in defining the brand experience of these users.

The following are the major ways a school management software can enhance the overall experience of the parents and students connected with schools:

  • Pre-Admission (Enquiry) Process

It is always during the pre-admission process a parent or student comes in touch with the school management software. It will be usually to fill up the enquiry form or submit application for joining the school. Based on the features available in the enquiry and applicant registration module, the parents and students will get alerts and notifications in the form of SMS and emails. The parents who are interacting with the school for the first time will get a nice impression of the professional system and process implemented by the school.

  • Admission Process

Once the applicant registration process is over, the parents and students will be invited for the admission process if the applications are shortlisted. The rejected applicants also will be get informed about their application status and the shortlisted applicants are assigned specific days and time to visit the campus. During the admission process, the student will be enrolled in a specific batch and all these activities can be done using a well-configured or customized school management software.

  • ID cards generation

The admitted students are issued Identity cards based on the details given by them during the admission process. The ID card will be a custom design and will include a photo of the student along with other details. The parents and students will be impressed by the well planned operational efficiency of the school when they get access to the ID cards in physical format. Most of the school management software provides the feature to generate customized ID cards.

  • Timetable Tracking

The next surprise waiting for the parents and students is when they get access to the timetable of the academic year specific to the batch the student is admitted. It will be available in the mobile app or can be accessed from the dashboard of student login from a web browser. The login details with username and password will reach the parent in the form of an SMS or email.

  • School Bus Transport Tracking

The school software mobile app will provide the details of school transportation in the form of live maps. It will show clearly the movement of the school bus on a map in real-time. It will also alert the timings of the school bus. This will help the parents to prepare well in advance for the drop and pick-up of students. It also provides peace of mind to parents because of the increased safety of the students while in transportation and at school.

  • Gradebook

All parents access the grade book of the student to understand the performance in various examinations conducted in the school. The grade-book feature of school ERP system can be accessed from the mobile app as well as the web browser. The grade-book also will be in the custom template. The user experience while accessing a detailed guidebook will connect the parent with the school’s brand.

  • Progress Profile

The school life of a student is not limited to academic performance alone. There will be a lot of non-academic activities the student will participate across different years in school. The details of these activities along with the custom remarks of the student will be available in student profiles for the access of the parent. The guidebook details across multiple academic years also will be available here with the attendance and other disciplinary details of the student.

  • Alerts & notifications

Parents will have access to the alerts and notifications of various events in the school in the form of SMS, emails and push notifications. The alerts and notifications will be sent to the mobile phone numbers provided by the parent during the admission. These alerts and notifications will connect the parent’s attention to the school’s operations. These alerts usually include student-specific alerts like attendance, fee payment, etc. and overall alerts like school events, emergency holidays, etc.

  • Fee

Payment of academic fees is an instant where the school should focus to make the user experience of the parent as smooth as possible. Using a school management software, the parent will be notified in advance about the fee payment date and will be alerted about the last date and due details. The online payment gateways integrated with school software makes it easy for parents to pay fees without leaving their location.

  • Communicating with teachers

Parents can ask their doubts to teachers directly and also can get feedback from teachers about the performance of the students. The direct feedback system makes it possible to communicate any matter on the spot without any delay.

  • Assignment

The school management software provides the feature for students to submit the assignments from their home. The assignments will be view able in the dashboard and students can complete the assignment and upload it from their home.

  • School Calendar, Events & Gallery

The school management app also provides the overall calendar of the school which gives an overview of the academic year to parents. It will include all the events planned for the academic year. The gallery plugin will have photos of all past events conducted by the school.

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