Top 8 Key Benefits of School Bus Tracking System

Top 8 Key Benefits of School Bus Tracking System

Understanding How A School Bus GPS Tracking System Can Help The School Administration

Student safety and school security feature are one of the most important considerations that parents have in mind when selecting a school for their kids is safety. This safety concern is not limited to the school campus or in-school hours, but it extends to ensure the safety of the students when they are commuting to school and back. 

Understanding the importance of transport safety, a few years ago in 2014 in India, the CBSE made it mandatory for all school buses to install GPS systems to ensure the safe transportation of children to and from schools. 

Using a GPS system to track the school buses offers a number of benefits to the school and offers. However there are numerous other safety and administration benefits related that are not very obvious but are very important nevertheless.

  • Real-Time Monitoring Of The School Bus By Institution And Parents

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a school transport management system with a GPS tracking feature. Equipping the school bus with a GPS tracking system ensures that parents are sent alerts as soon as the bus leaves the school premises. They can also follow the route of the bus through static or live tracking updates so that they are aware of any deviation or delays due to traffic. 

A bonus benefit of this feature is that it allows parents to plan their whereabouts in a way that they are on-time to pick up the students from the drop point. 

  • Peace of Mind for Parents and The Institution

Another popular feature of using a school bus tracking system with GPS is that it allows for peace of mind for the parents as well as for the educational institute. Knowing the kids’ progress to and from school premises gives assurance to the parents and school alike.

This is especially important when the students are going on school excursions, field trips, sports, picnics outside of the traditional school hours. The system will allow for updates and notifications to the parents so that they do not have to stress over the location and the safety of their child. 

  • School Bus Scheduling And Route Planning For Fuel Efficiency

Schools have a limited inventory of buses, and it is necessary to schedule these buses to ensure the optimum usage. 

It gives the school administration team a comprehensive analysis of the time taken on an average, the best route and the number of trips per school bus. 

This data can then be analysed and to schedule the bus schedules in the most optimum manner by planning the route to save time and fuel.  Short routes mean students reach home faster, the school saves fuel money and minimal idle time for the buses and the drivers. 

Additionally, for drivers who are new on the job, the tracking system works as a route guide when picking up students. 

  • Tracking Driver Behavior and Driving Habits To Avoid Accidents

It helps in tracking driver behavior and habits. Over speeding, rash driving, engine idle time running, sharp turns, infringing traffic rules etc. are some of the driver habits that can be tracked by the system and these go a long way in ensuring the safe commute of the students.

  • Prevents Unauthorized Usage Of the School Bus

The school bus tracking device sends an alert of the school transport administrator every time the school bus engine is switched on. This prevents the unauthorized use of a school bus or any fraudulent usage of the school bus. 

  •  Ease Of Record Keeping And Report Creation

Manual record-keeping can be a tedious task often requiring the effort of additional manpower. The use of a GPS tracking system in a school bus makes it easier to record details such as the distance travelled, the hours of travel, the number of trips completed punctuality of bus etc. 

This comprehensive analysis of the school bus provides the school with valuable data which can then be used to review the bus schedules and make changes if necessary

The automatic school bus tracking and transport management system, also simplifies the process of creating reports as customized reports can be created at the click of a button

  • Simplified Maintenance Schedule For The Busses

With the aid of the GPS enabled school bus tracking system, the school will also receive notifications of when a bus is due for its scheduled maintenance is needed. This minimizes downtime, and costly breakdowns and when the buses are sent for their maintenance, the school transport team will be able to accurately schedule replacement school buses.

  • Better Utilization Of The School Transport Budget

Every school functions with a strict annual budget, including a budget for the school transport system. 

Investing in a GPS school bus tracking system saves the finances of the school in a number of ways.  From better resource allocation for the buses to ensuring shorter routes to save fuel as well as route optimization and scheduling timely vehicle maintenance schedule, there are numerous financial benefits for a school incorporating GPS tracking device in school buses. 

Wrap Up

Today, for school to operate efficiently and to ensure the safety of the students who commute to school, it is important for the school administration to install easy-to-use GPS tracking system. This system will not only ensure the safety of children and the school bus fleet, but it will provide numerous more benefits to the school management, which can benefit it in the long run. 

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