How to Keep Students Up-To-Date During Holiday Season?

student's engagement during holiday season

The end of the year is the festive season with many schools, colleges and educational institutions slowing down and going into a vacation mode. During holiday season, students too tend to get distracted more easily as the focus shifts to spending time with their family and friends rather than the books before the students. This can prove to be a challenge for teachers and educator as they struggle with ensuring that the students stay focussed on their studies. Another challenge that teachers face is to ensure that the students complete and submit all the work on time, ensuring their productivity is on an upward trend.

In traditional schools and colleges, this can be seen to be a major task for the teachers. But with technology to their aid and with the help of school management software, it is easier than ever to ensure that the students stay motivated and remain excited about their academic achievements.

Here are a few strategies and school management software features that keep student’s updated during the holiday season:

1. News

The news feature of the school management software allows the administrator or the privileged employee to publish the latest school related news and academic updates for the day. These can be access by the staff and the students and helps to keep them abreast of all the latest campus happenings during the holidays, which will be visible for all the users on their dashboard.

news feature in school erp

This campus news which is easy to create and publish can not only be textual but can also include videos and images to make it more interesting. Additionally, the administrator can allow for comments to be added to the news to make this feature more interactive for the students. 

2. Discussion

Another strategic way for schools and colleges to keep students engaged through the discussion feature in the school management software. Through online discussion, students, teachers, and staff can interact with each other despite the holidays. This module helps the students and teachers to interact with each other through discussions and comments. This is a moderated discussion and unwelcome comments can always be deleted by the school administrator. They can interact and exchange ideas, discuss grievances and build a stronger and more engaged student and teacher community.

3. Poll

With the help of the Poll feature, the school can seek and collect the opinions on a particular subject from a group of selected members. This poll can be done anonymously without revealing the identity of the person and can be extended to a pre-selected audience for the purpose of analysis.

Polling feature in school erp

4. Gallery

The institute can share important screenshots and pictures with the students or employees by creating an album in the gallery module of the school management software. Public albums that update the students with the various events and activities of the institute can be shared so that even when the students are on a vacation, they are updated on the school happenings. By sharing these images, the students also get excited and motivated to resume classes when the holidays end. 

gallery feature in school erp

5. eMails

One of the most common methods to send regular updates to the students and the parents is through the use of emails. These mails help the schools keep the parents and students updated on a regular basis. Emails also enable to school to send essential communication to the teachers, parents and students such as fee reminders, exam schedules, meeting updates etc.

Emails can also be sent to the alumni to engage them for career guidance and training activities for mutual knowledge exchange.

Additionally, to reduce the burden on the administration, the school automatic emails can be set up for a particular set of recipients on specific events

6. Task

The Task module of the school management is used by the school administration team to assign tasks to the staff or the students by their teachers or management team. Once the students or the staff receive the task, they can then upload documents and put up periodic updates related to the task assigned to them. They can also receive feedback, comments and further instructions related to the task for further follow ups.

task feature in school erp

During the holiday season, this task module can be used to not only remind the students about the assignments that they may have but they can also post their progress updates related to the holiday assignment and receive feedback on the same. This helps the students to stay focused and on track with relation to holiday studies and home assignments. 

7. Google Docs

Another essential tool that teachers can use to engage with students during the holiday season is the use of Google Docs. Google Docs are available to view and upload in the Fedena school management software for the logged in employee or student. This integration allows the user to login with google credentials and upload/download the google docs with ease, thus making it easy for the students to upload or download their holiday assignments.

google document feature in school erp

The holiday season, while it is a time for rest and relaxation for the students, does not necessarily mean being cut-off and isolated from school work. With the help of the various technological tools given above, the students can continue to stay connected with their school, peers and teachers. The period of time, when used well can also be used by the students to give themselves the extra boost that will help them ace their exams with ease.

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