Case Study: How HEC Group Of Institution Saves 20% of their Time & Cost?

Case Study: How HEC Group Of Institution Saves 20% of their Time & Cost?
About HEC Group of Institutions:

HEC college is one of the oldest & self-financed colleges in Haridwar (Uttarakhand). HEC College provides undergraduates, Postgraduate, PG diploma courses. The courses are in the field of commerce, Management, Science, Lib. Science and Arts.

HEC Group of Institution Case StudyAffiliated to HNB Garhwal University, Sri Nagar, Garhwal, and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, Badshahithol, Tehri Garhwal. It was established in the year 2002. HEC Group of Institutions is a reputed organization and running successfully two campuses: One in Kanya Gurukul Campus, Chhoti Nahar, Kankhal, Haridwar and others in Laksar Road, Jagjeetpur, Kankhal, Haridwar.

Executive Summary: Fedena the one-stop solution helped HEC in reducing the paper consumption, accelerate staff efficiency & minimize the risk of misplacing the physical files/records. After Fedena’s implementation, the HEC Group of Institution saved 20% of their employee’s time and reduce the management cost.
Challenges & Requirements:
  • HEC institution has multiple branches in Uttarakhand, and maintaining the raw data of various branches on paper was not only a time-consuming task for school staff but there was always a risk of getting records damaged or lost.
  • Every day they were facing difficulty to keep all the records in one place, result, the staff members were unable to retrieve the documents/files during the time of their needs.
  • In both the institution of HEC, initially, the collection of the student’s fee was done manually due to which admin was unable to keep track of all the paid and unpaid transactions.
  • To maintain a record of each transaction, they have to manually retain the report which was indirectly impacting the performance of the staff members.
  • Manually converting unprocessed data into an actionable insightful report requires a dedicated employee, which was increasing their management cost.
The Solution:

HEC Group of Institution Case StudyReducing the paper cost and proper data management was the key issue they facing before the implementation of Fedena Pro Plus Solution. Fedena enables HEC to manage entire institute data from one single platform. During the implementation phase, Fedena experts helped HEC core member’s in setting up all the data from scratch.

Key Highlights:

  • With data management features, now HEC can store the records or documents on a single place & authorized staff members can easily retrieve any records from anywhere at any time, this enhances the data security and prevents the accidental data breach.
  • After Fedena’s implementation, it becomes easy for HEC to keep tracking and analyzing the performance of their institute and overall business health of their brand.
  • The Finance feature helped in streamlining the fee collection process by scheduling the fees, adding discounts & fine, creating student’s fee structure, option to add the refunds and more. 
  • Admin can keep a track on fee defaulter and sent timely reminders to complete the fee payment. Apart from this, in a click, they can easily multiple reports such as particular-wise students transaction reports, tax reports, advance fees report, other transaction reports and more. Thus, enhnace their day to day productivity.
  • The Customised Report feature helped the school administration to critically analyze various reports, functions, and areas to get a better understanding of which department of the school is doing well or poorly. Also, it aids in eliminating the turmoil to reach the various goals and improve the performance of the school. 
The Success:
  1. Less paper consumption and minimize the complexity of daily operation.
  2. Helped staff members in saving their precious time.
  3. Bring transparency in the organization structure.
  4. Helped in saving 20% of their employee’s time and reduce the management cost.
“Fedena is one of the most useful ERP software in which   institutes, schools or colleges can fulfill their need as they required. We have been using Fedena since last two years. Fedena has so many features that make it different from all among the software. ” HEC Group of Institutions

HEC Group of Institution Case Study

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