How Does An Education ERP Help In Student’s Result Management?

How Does An Education ERP Help In Student’s Result Management?

One of the core functions of the education process conducted by school teaching faculty is to test the students on the knowledge that they have acquired over the course of the year. In most schools, student’s result management is a quarterly process with exams and assessments conducted at the end of every quarter to test the students on the learning and knowledge that they have assimilated. 

However, today many education experts believe that this result-based learning is detrimental to the entire learning process. They believe that this pressure of exams can lead to a negative learning attitude amongst the students. It can give rise to a culture of rote learning, cheating at exams, bribing examiners and the negative impact of this culture has even led to extreme pressure-induced steps by students including suicide.

Today, the need of the hour is for schools to revolutionize the student’s result management process into a system that offers feedback to the students and guides them towards improving their learning without the pressure of performance.

This is the reason that many schools across the world are moving towards an education ERP system that can help with the result management of students. 

A result management system ensures that the examination results are part of the process and not the end result. They do this by ensuring that students get regular feedback for all their classwork. This includes regular feedback for every class assessment, project, pop quiz, module test, semester examination. By creating a culture of continuous feedback students will be able to assess their progress throughout the academic year without any fear or trepidation. It will allow them to score better in future exams through real-time course correction. 

Benefit To Teachers:

The process of collating all the test results of the students and writing reports is always tedious and time-consuming work for the teachers. Many educators/teachers also dread this process considering the stress of the manual correction of papers, the necessary calculation of marks and then converting them according to the grading system used by the school. This often impacts the productivity of the teacher.

For teachers, the result management system in an education ERP ensures that all these manual tasks are taken care of by the online software, thus saving the teachers time and effort. Additionally, using an education system for the result management of students ensures that the process is error-free and done in the fastest possible time frame. 

Advantages of a Result Management System:

An education ERP offers a school or an educational institute the following advantages in student’s result management:

  • Computerized and Mechanized Result Management.

The education ERP mechanizes and automates the student’s result management. It allows the school to conduct the exams and tests online and calculate the scores online in a matter of moments. For exams that are conducted offline, all that the teachers need to do is input the actual marks and the system will generate the results and report cards automatically. 

  • Accelerated Result Arrangement Process

Since the education ERP manages the entire examination process online, it also ensures that the results are available to the students a lot faster than the traditional system. Instead of waiting for weeks or even months for their exam results, the students can receive the results a lot earlier, thus eliminating unnecessary anxiety and stress. 

  • Easy to Edit in Real-Time

In the event that there are any changes that need to be made in the results of the student, the online system allows for the same of the made in real-time. An education ERP makes the tedious process of erasing and altering a student’s results a lot faster and easier.

  • Makes Result Management an Error-Free Process

As it is with all online management systems, the digital calculation of a student’s grades allows for a process that is free of human errors and mistakes. 

  • Easy and Secure Management of Results Records

An education ERP makes it easy to record and store all the student related result data in the online cloud. Instead of spending money on paperwork related to printing, mailing and storing these result records, the online system ensures that the data is saved securely and can be accessed only by authorized personnel such as teachers or the principal of the school. The online system also allows schools to send the results to the parents through email or online messages.  

Using  Fedena school management system, schools can easily manage and create various kinds of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform. It allows parents and students to view the results as soon as they are published. 

With the help of Fedena, schools can streamline their result management and reap the benefits the system has to offer.

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