Why are school management apps useful for fees payment?

school management app for fees payment

Pay fees on the go with your school management app

What is a school management app?

A school management app is a tool, platform, or application that helps educational institutions like schools and colleges manage their processes effortlessly. A school management app is useful to every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem – from students, parents, teachers, administrators, and management. The goal of having this tool in institutes is that it can be used easily on the go to manage all administrative tasks and processes and keep yourself up to date with what is happening at your school or college.

How are school management apps useful with the fee payment process?

Fee processing – from generation to payment – is one of the most sensitive processes at any school or college. Because of this, it deals with confidential financial information and also directly impacts the bottomline. So how would have features related to the fee process on the school management app help?

Below we discuss in detail the top three advantages of fee processing on your school management app:

  • Pay anywhere at any time

The biggest hassle of fee payment has often been the requirement for the physical presence of the payee to pay the fees. However, with the implementation of a school management app, parents can pay school fees from anywhere and at any time using their mobile devices. The school management app shares the due fees within the app itself, and the payment of said fees also takes place in the app. It makes the payment easy and convenient but remains secure thanks to inbuilt safety measures on the app.

  • Secure payments on the go

While ease and convenience are essential factors in ensuring the adoption of the school management app by parents, it is also vital that at the same time, their financial information remains protected. To this end, robust school management apps like Fedena guarantee secure payment portals in line with best industry standards to ensure that financial information remains secure during payment. Such payment gateways are highly safe but also easy to use, making them the best option for the fee payment feature in school management apps.

  • Automated fee receipt generation
School ERP fees Receipt

The final step that signals the completion of any fee payment process is the generation and sharing of the receipt for successful fee payment with the payee – in this case, the parent of the student in question. Fee receipt generation is done en masse and can thus be a cumbersome, time consuming, and labor-intensive process. However, with your school management app’s automated fee receipt generation feature, this step becomes a breeze. Even better, customize the receipts to accounts, groups, or individual students as needed.

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