Upcoming Feature in School ERP: Automatic Leave Reset

Automatic Leave Reset in School ERP

No more fretting about crediting the leaves manually. Now automate the leaves crediting process in just a tap. 

A good leave management system increases employee satisfaction, provides transparency and reduce the labor costs. Previously in Fedena system, to reset the leaves HR or Payroll manager has to do it manually. For instance, the manager has to calculate the last credited leaves and accordingly assign the leaves for the upcoming months. But with this new feature update, our software now has the capability to automate this entire process from an end to end perspective. Now for a year, you can set up the leave crediting value and frequency (as per your requirement) and the leaves will get credited automatically in the user accounts. This process not only helps the managers to complete their leave task each year effortlessly but also increases their productivity.

Why use the new Automatic Leave Reset feature?

The current leave reset feature demands too much manual intervention to function properly. Even small missteps can cause disasters like resource crunch, payroll processing errors, and legal complications. The accuracy is questionable. To stay clear of the administrative arsenic, legal landmines, and payroll pitfalls you need a robust leave management system. Before you start using the new auto leave reset feature, you’ll need to understand the whole process. 

How does it work?

The new automatic leave reset feature will not be enabled by default, you can decide when to use it. You will get an option to switch to the automatic leave reset feature. You can even activate this in the mid of a year by creating a leave year within the current year. Once you switch to the new leave year based auto leave reset system, there is no option to revert to the old leave reset feature.

Steps considered mandate in the new feature:
  • Update leave types

First and foremost, you will have to update the credit frequency and credit value for all the existing leave types in your institution.

  • Set the Leave Year

Next, you need to first define the leave year. The leave year that is activated will be the default year range for your institution. All the leaves credited will be under this chosen leave year.

  • Choose the Leave Credit Type

The leave credit will work the way you want it to. You can either go with the manual method of crediting the leaves to employee balance or just activate the automatic method. Also, for all the existing leave types you will have to choose the leave credit type.

  • Leave Credit Date setting

Choose when you wish to have the credit happening in the user’s account. Usually, as a practice, most companies grant leave credits to their employees as per the calendar year. But with this feature, the update can happen as per the last credit date of your institution. You no longer have to follow the traditional method of crediting the leaves.

In short, you can manage your employee leave data in just a few clicks! 

We hope you would like the new Automatic Leave Reset feature. To know more about this contact our support team. Also, keep visiting our blog for everyday hacks for your school management using Fedena.

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