Latest Upgrade! We have enhanced our SMS Module

Latest Upgrade! We have enhanced our SMS Module
A good communication system not only enhances the relationship between parents-teachers but also increase the parent’s involvement in their child education. Implementing a better communication platform is not an easy task, and that’s why the Fedena’s messaging alert system comes into play.  It allows schools to quickly send messages to a defined list of recipients and keep them updated about their child performance. The effective communication system allows schools’ to send last-minute updates to parents such as if any event is getting rescheduled or canceled; emergency holidays; fees submission deadline; availability of transport or change in a bus route. In any event, people need to know – right now. The SMS notification system utilization evolved a long way. Text messages are used not just for the people to communicate with their loved ones and friends but also to receive notifications about certain things of their interest. Using Fedena, in a single click institute can easily send alerts to the recipients without having an internet connection, this means, your message notifications will be received instantly across an array of the available handset and device types. This time the SMS feature in Fedena is improved to provide a better user experience. UI/UX of sending SMS to the target audience is also changed. Schools can now send notifications related to Gradebook, Transport, Reminder module via SMS (Manual send). Also, users can create and edit the templates. There is an improved SMS Log to view the status of the Custom, and Automatic SMS sent (using models or otherwise). Recipients will receive real-time information and automated SMS notifications.

Below we have highlighted how you can use the updated SMS module:

  1. First Go to Collaboration then Click on SMS Module.
  2. Next, you can see the updated dashboard with updated features.
  3. In the “SMS setting”, easily manage the application and general settings. The UI/UX is improved to keep it simple and subtle.
  4. In “Send SMS”, Define the Target Audience.
    • If you wish to send a message, first select the recipient category and define the Audience. Select the template or create one.
    • Also, you can directly send a message instead of using the template.
  5. In “Birthday SMS”, you can create and send a birthday SMS.
    • Select the recipient category. Select the batch/department.
    • The recipients who have birthdays on that particular day will be listed.
    • Choose a template from the list of birthday templates created or create a new template of your wish. Or, you can type a birthday message and send it to the recipient.
  6. From the “SMS Logs”, you can check the status of the messages sent. The custom messages that have sent will no longer appear with the automatic alerts. The messages that are triggered by the admin/user will appear under Custom Messages.
sms logs
We hope you liked the new upgraded version of the SMS feature. To know more about this contact our team. Also, keep visiting our blog for everyday hacks for your school management using Fedena.
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