Need & Importance of Cloud-Based School Management Software

Need & Importance of Cloud-Based School Management Software

Cloud-Based School Management Software is now a must have

What is a cloud-based school management software?

School management software refers to any kind of platform, tool or application that largely takes over the administrative and management-related processes at a school. This means that routine, repetitive tasks that were originally the purview of human administrators are now managed by the ERP software. It also takes over the organizational needs of your school in a fast, effective and efficient fashion.

A cloud-based school management software is one that runs on cloud technology, instead of being local. This means that all data is stored in “the cloud”, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time by the users. This ensures that information flows freely and is not restricted by the location of the equipment the school management software is on.

Importance of school management software

As we enter a world that is increasingly technologically enhanced, we need systems and tools that enable us to stay in touch and up to date with the rest of the world. A part of this is ensuring that information we may need must be available to us in real-time – things move at the speed of digital now. A cloud-based school management software is the perfect tool for this since it is a technology-based solution to the organizational and process-driven needs of a school. It takes over all the unique administrative tasks in a school and all related data is then stored in the cloud to ensure easy and efficient access to its users.

Another reason schools should invest in online school software is that they are graduating scholars who will enter the workforce very soon. It is important to familiarise these future professionals with various types of technology so that they are comfortable with the use of technology in their daily working and personal lives.

What are the benefits of cloud-based school management software?

1. Easy accessibility

Online school software is easy to access because it is not tied to a local machine or laptop or device. Instead, all the information it is dealing with is stored in the cloud. This cloud functions as a repository accessible from anywhere and any device. It means you may perform a function in the software at your work machine in school. But this same process can be picked up where it was left off from your device at home if needed.

This kind of easy accessibility is especially useful in schools, where students and teachers are working on projects during school hours and also at home for homework etc. Being able to access the cloud, knowing that all your data is easily accessible at your fingertips is key in the removal of a common blocker for both parties.

2. Improved student collaboration

A cloud-based school management software is a boon for teachers wishing to encourage teamwork and students wanting to collaborate for group projects effectively. The school management software permits the set up of closed groups, which can be used by students to mimic the real-life teams they are working with. Through this, all information share, for say a group project, will be stored within the cloud. Furthermore, it will only be accessible to people in the closed group for the group project.

This means that student collaboration is enhanced beyond face to face meetings and can be carried over to online interactions also. Teamwork needs no longer be restricted to just the classroom or school premises. Instead, brainstorming, group work, discussions, etc can be carried over to time away from school to any student within the school’s system.

3. Reduced labor costs

One of the immediate after-effects of investing in cloud-based management software is that the burden on individual administrative staff or management is get reduced immediately. This means that their work becomes more efficient since they are no longer bogged down by repetitive tasks. Instead, they can focus on more complex duties. For management, this means a highly efficient workforce. It also means redundant positions or roles can be eliminated since the work is being more efficiently performed by the school management software.

4. Reduced Overheads

The increased costs of a pen and paper-based administration are eliminated when a school invests in cloud-based school management software. From the paper costs of using papers, printers, envelopes, snail mail, circulars, etc. for a lot of the administrative tasks to the physical room required to perform or store data for a lot of these tasks, overheads are high in a paper and pencil based system. So many of these overhead costs get eliminated with a school management system, where these processes are automated and happen electronically, instead of the old fashioned way. Overheads are recurring costs that can be hard on the finances of a school. Investing in the right educational technology is a one time cost that more than pays for itself over the long term.

5. Real-time Availability

Cloud-based school management software guarantees real-time availability of all the school’s stakeholders. From teachers to parents, it allows them to stay connected with each other and have access to all the resources they would have at school. This kind of real-time availability is key in an increasingly fast-paced world. It is also beneficial to all the stakeholders: students can get their doubts cleared by teachers as and when they encounter them. Teachers can review coursework through school ERP software. Parents can discuss their child’s progress and make fee payments on the go, from their preferred devices. Management can contact the school at large through announcements on the dashboard in a matter of minutes.

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