How To Gain The Trust Of Parents With School ERP Software?

How To Gain The Trust Of Parents With School ERP Software?

Today we all live in a world that is complicated. From increasing crime rates, especially against women and children to the increasing perpetuation and our rising dependence on technology in all aspects of our lives.

As the advent of social media and digital technology transforms the way our lives, lifestyles and the way we interact with each other, it is necessary for schools to work hard and the fully engage with the parents of all the students. This is especially important not only for the parents of the students to be comfortable with all the school practices and policies, but also to ensure that the trust the school with the education, safety and the well-being of their children

An important digital age tool that schools across the world are employing to win the trust of parents is a school ERP Software.

What is school ERP Software? 

To start with it is essential to understand what is an ERP system and how does it work in the school setting.

At the basic level, ERP software is also known as an Enterprise Resource Planner and it is defined as a software that manages the business processes for a company, an organization or even a school. 

So how does a school ERP Software work in a school setting?

A school ERP Software like any other ERP system features multiple applications and tools that works together seamlessly, connecting departments, functions and various other official data into one comprehensive database. This database is then compiled in a way that is easy to comprehend and easily accessible bringing the most complex data at your fingertip.

How does a school ERP Software then help schools win the trust of parents?

There are many ways in which a school ERP Software can help the parents. One essential way is that it enhances parent engagement and this parental engagement is a critical piece in creating a successful learning environment where the schools and the parents have mutual respect and trust. 

Here are some of the ways a school ERP system keeps parents engaged and informed in the day to day functioning:

  • Transport Tracking

A school ERP system offers a transport management system that keeps the parents updated on the school transport system. This including updating the parents of any delay in pickups and drops, route changes and well as sharing all the driver details with the parents.

When parents have access to this detailed transportation information, they automatically get peace of mind and are able to trust the school with the pickup – drops, and safety of their kids when traveling.

  • Simplifying Fees Process

Another great advantage of the school ERP is that it simplifies the fee process. To start with it offers parents an opportunity to pay the school fees from the comfort of their homes instead of standing in long serpentine queues. 

Additionally, parents can get a customized break up on the school fees including the library fees, transport fees, and other miscellaneous costings. The system also allows for automatic fees reminders to be sent to the parents along with the automatic generation of fee recipients.

The greatest advantage of this system is that it greatly reduces the chances of human error. By simplifying the fees process and eliminating the need for errors, using a school software management helps to win the trust of the parents in the functioning of the school

  • Improving Communication

A  school ERP Software helps to win the trust of the parents by offering a seamless, 24×7 communication system, Instead of relying on the age-old school diary, using the school management software teachers can send direct SMS, notes and emails to the parents reminding them of important updates, school homework as well as disciplinary notes. 

It also allows parents to communicate directly with the teachers when needed, thus increasing parental engagement in the life of the students. Such transparency and frequency in school communication not only helps the students improve their academic performance, but it goes a long way in winning the trust of the parents.

  • Online Exam Management

Today, plenty of schools out there are using ERP systems offer online examination management. The main aim of using these systems is to make sure that it is easier to conduct these examinations in a more streamlined manner. It eliminates human intervention in tasks such as grade management. It also provides instant feedback to the students, reduces the cost of exams saves the time of the teachers, allows students to access the exam from any place or time and ensures a secure system where papers are not hacked.

This increased consistency takes away loopholes, thus winning the trust of the parents.

  • Parents Portal

A school ERP Software offers parents a dedicated portal where they can connect with teachers, other parents, get academic-related information of their kids from attendance, school performance, school timetable, exam notifications, upcoming holidays, etc. 

  • Upcoming Event Notification

The software allows sends notifications to the parents about the various upcoming events so that they parents are updated at all times and can plan their own personal schedule accordingly. This ranges from school functions, important PTA meetings, and other fun events and activities.

  • Mobile App

The school management software is available to the parents, teachers, and students as a mobile app which can easily manage and track the array of school-related activities such as attendance management, timetable, fees management, communication, exam result, class timing and more. This is very convenient for the parents and goes a long way in winning their trust.

  • Student Data Security

Schools are storehouses of a large variety of student-related data from addresses, medical records, financial records, etc. But a digital online system is one the best ways to keep this information safe and secure, rather than storing it in physical files and folders that can be accessed by anyone.

  • Attendance Report

The use of a school ERP Software allows for parents to receive automatic reports of the attendance of their kids, thus being assured of their safety. The system ensures that when a student is marked absent, an SMS notification if needed can be set up to be sent immediately to the emergency contact of the student.

  • Sibling Reports 

A sibling report allows the school management software to complete the formalities related to the sibling association in an error-free manner. It helps to create a report that displays sibling association along with the parent details, contact information, etc.

Today, for any school to succeed besides offering a superior academic experience and learning environment, it is also important for the school to build a relationship with the parents that is based on honesty, transparency, and trust. 

One of the easiest and the fastest ways to achieve this is with the use of a school ERP Software.

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