Certificate Generation System: To Effortlessly Generate Multiple Certificates

certificate generation system

Multiple Certificate Management Made Possible by Certificate Generator Modules

What are the certificates?

A certificate is a document that signals qualifiers to the viewer at a glance. It is essentially a document that endorses the bearer with some sort of qualification or attribute at an institutional level. The most common example of a certificate is a school leaving or degree certificate. 

Certificates usually contain varying elements, but usually have the following standard ones: name of the institution issuing the certificate, name of the individual who holds the certificate, the expertise, degree, or attribute conferred by the institution to the individual, date field, place field, signatures and seals or stamps from the institution.

Certificates are handed out usually at various milestones in a student’s academic career. From certificates endorsing them for art or elocution skills to certificates signifying their qualification to do certain jobs, these are endemic to the educational ecosystem.

But certificates are not just for students. There is another stakeholder in the educational ecosystem that also uses certificates to signal similar attributes – the staff of a school.

From learning and development certificates generated after a training session to upskill staff to a simple joining certificate signaling the end of an employee’s probation period, staff too use certificates to signal their professional progress to others within the school and even externally.

In this blog, we will discuss the following:

  1. What is a Certificate Generation System?
  2. How the Fedena Certificate Generation System can help?
  3. Type of certificate can be generated in Certificate Generation System

What is a Certificate Generation System?

Certificate Generation System is an automated, highly customizable, easy to use and quick to produce plug-in or module or feature of a school management system. The certificate generation module brings the process of generating certificates into a new age.

As the name suggests, it is an automated plugin for a school management software or other tools or technology that are able to generate custom certificates quickly and easily, after checking that they are authorized to do so. 

Types of Certificates can be created in Certificate Generation System

1. Bonafide Certificate

A bonafide certificate is one that validates that the individual in question does indeed belong the school, college, or educational institution that he or she is claiming to belong to. This is usually proof that the student or staff in question has actually studied or worked at the school or college they say they have. 

While generating bonafide certificate via certificate generator module can mentions details such as time period during which the student was a student at the school or college, date of leaving, any conduct remarks, character comments, etc.

2. Course Completion

A course completion certificate essentially states that the individual it is endorsing has completed all course requirements, handed in all coursework and has successfully passed all course-related examinations and has officially completed the course in question. Course completion certificates are becoming increasingly common for schools and colleges that offer classes to individuals looking to upskill so it is a necessary feature of a certificate generator module.

The course completion certificate generated by the certificate generator module also mentions other details such as the date of issue, the date of completion, on what attempt this was cleared, the ranking or score or marks of the student if necessary, the validity of the certificate, etc.

3. Migration certificate

A migration certificate is usually issued to a student who is leaving the school or college for another institution. A migration certificate certifies that the student was a bonafide student of the school or college in question. It also certifies that there are no pending dues or charges against you in the school or college. Finally, it also certifies that all fees and dues have been cleared, as have examinations needed to certify you for a certain grade or competency level.

Migration certificates are necessary for a student who wishes to change their school or college so it is important for the certificate generator module to be able to create and share them. The migration certificate generated by the certificate generator module also mentions other details such as date of leaving, the period of time the student was at the school or college, the reason for leaving, conduct comments, and any other details deemed necessary.

4. Transfer certificate

A transfer certificate is issued to a student when they pass out for the school or college by the school or college itself. The transfer certificate states similar things to as the migration student, validating that they are a bonafide student, without dues or charges pending against them, and that they have passed required exams. However, migration certificates are issued for voluntary departure or change in schools.

Transfer certificates can be issued by the certificate generator module for every student in a school or college. Transfer certificates also mention other details, such as qualification of the student on leaving, the time period they were at the school or college, the period of time for which the certificate is valid, etc.

5. Participation certificate

A participation certification essentially validates that the student or staff member being endorsed has successfully taken part of processed a course, event, class, training, etc. It can be issued to students who are taking on extracurricular activities or to staff who are upskilling and need certification to signal their new qualifications.

Participation certificates are often customized to the occasion, making a certificate generator module the most time and cost effective method of generating them. They also usually mention other details such as the date of the event or training, the accolades the student or staff might have received and the validity of the endorsement, if necessary.

6. Student School Leaving Certificate

A student school leaving certificate is another name for transfer certificate. It is issued to students who have passed out from their school after successfully completing their course requirements and passing all the examinations. These details are mentioned on the certificate, along with other details such as the period of time they were in school for, their highest qualifications, etc. Every student receives a school leaving certificate and it is necessary to ensure the certificate generator module in your school management system is capable of generating one.

7. Staff Probation Extension Certificate

A staff probation extension certificate – much like the name might suggest – is one that confirms a member of the staff at a school or college is on staff on probation and will be extending the probation period for whatever reason. It essentially endorses that the person to whom this certificate is issued is a probationary member of staff at the school or college and identifies for what time period this is valid for. Since probations are often converted to full-time positions or extended longer unpredictably, it is difficult to use a standard issue paper and ink certificate for it. Instead, a certificate generator module can be customized on a staff member by staff member basis as necessary.

8. Staff Job Confirmation Certificate

A staff job confirmation may be mistaken for a bonafide certificate but for staff, but in reality, it is more a certificate confirming a job offer or finalization of a job role as a permanent role for staff in the school or college. Staff Job Confirmation Certificates are often used to prove one’s legitimacy when applying for loans, passports or for other financial or legal transactions. The staff job confirmation certificate also states the period of employment – or at least the start date, the position or job role taken up by the staff, and the validity of the certificate issued by the certificate generator module. They are one of the most commonly issued certificates for staff. It is necessary to ensure that your certificate generator module is up to the task.

How the Fedena Certificate Generation System can help?

Using the Fedena Certificate Generator Module is a sure shot way of eliminating all the disadvantages of a paper and ink certificate while also capitalizing on the benefits of using a certificate generator module.

The following are the benefits of using such a certificate generator module like the Fedena Certificate Generator Module:

1. A comprehensive variety of custom certificates

The key advantage of using a certificate generator module is the sheer variety of certificates that can be designed and generated within the certificate generator module.

Everything from a bonafide student certificate to a qualifying certificate to a staff probation period end certificate can be generated easily in the certificate generator module. All sorts of certificates can be created using this module.

The level of customization made possible thanks to the certificate generator module is also impressive. A wide variety of fields are available that can be chosen to be included on a certificate, ranging from name fields to other information that needs to be communicated.

2. Environmentally friendly

Certificate generation system is then a more environmentally option.

First, there is a reduction in the number of test prints and sample prints being taken reducing paper wastage.

Second, these certificates remain within the certificate generator module within the school management system and can be accessed and share electronically. This might negate the very necessity of printing the certificates thanks to the certificate generator module.

3. Better Record Keeping

Certificates created and shared within the certificate generator module are stored on the school management system for as long as they are needed. This means that there exists an archival history of all certificates generated by the student, subject, class, type of certificate, time period, occasion, etc. A certificate generator module is thus a record keeping system that chronicles all certificates generated for staff and students alike.

While it is nice to have a record like this thanks to the certificate generator module, it is also important for the authentication of certificates awarded.

For instance, let us assume a staff member makes a transition to a new role in a different organization and their new employers call to verify their bonafide – a certificate generator module comes in handy in terms of being a reliable source for such information. Similarly, a student applying for further studies may request attested copies of their certificate.

Once again, the certificate generator module has a ready record of these and can regenerate the certificate if needed to share authenticated copies with prospective institutes or universities for the student.

4. Reduction on Time and Cost Overheads

Simply put, paper and ink certificates are far more expensive than the ones generated by certificate generator modules. They are also time-consuming. Think about the process of issuing a paper and ink certificate to staff or students. This entire decision-making process takes time as anyone who has worked at a large organization will have experienced.

First, the time has to be spent designing, optioning and finalizing a format internally, in the school or college. Then this has to be sent to the printers, who are usually external to the school since this is a special print job. Multiple copies of the certificate have to often be printed and turnaround time is variable since we are depending on vendors and other external resources. This exercise is also usually expensive since printers charge a certain amount to print certificates, even if they are happening in bulk. Using paper and ink certificates is thus inherently expensive and time-consuming.

With a certificate generator module, however, many of these steps are eliminated. Since the certificate generator module usually comes with plug and play customization options to create your own certificates or pre-designed templates for various types of certificate designs. The certificate generator module also generates a certificate to the staff or student it is endorsing electronically, eliminating the need for a paper and ink certificate, unless the person themselves desires it.


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