School ERP APP: To Engage Students At Every Step

School ERP APP: To Engage Students At Every Step

There are several benefits of a school ERP management app for a school when it comes to engaging students at each and every turn. These apps provide you – the school – all you need from such an enterprise resource planning app. This way, you can always collaborate with the parents through messages. In fact, these systems let you create a messaging platform so that parents, teachers, and students can easily communicate with each other at any time from anywhere. As a school, you can use push notifications to create announcements. This way, students too can view the same and get notified as well. This, in turn, helps them to be prepared as well for the upcoming events.

Below have highlighted, the top features of school management app which helps in enhancing the student’s journey:  

1. Online system for managing fees

A school ERP app helps you create an online system that makes it easier for one and all to take care of the fees. You can put up announcements on your app dashboard and rest assured that they would be delivered in an instant to all the students. Students and parents can this way view what they have to pay and make the payment online as well. These systems also provide information on key areas such as attendance details. It goes without saying that fees are one of the most important aspects of school operations.

2. Login facilities for students

The best part of these school ERP apps is that they offer a single kind of interface for all the different kinds of users such as students, their parents, and the teachers. This way, teachers are able to get attendance related information, students are able to view timetables, parents are able to see the attendance of their wards, and the administrative people such as the principals are able to make announcements and send messages. All these can be done with just one app! 

3. A great platform for messages and notifications

With these apps, you would always have the most used features on the app and that too on your fingertips! This way, schools are able to send messages straightaway to students and parents. These apps also make it possible for fees to be paid, and attendance to be taken. In fact, if needed, students can also ask for leave straightaway from their mobile phones by using these apps. Also, since these systems allow all in one message you are able to create a Whatsapp group for your school as well.

4. Amazing management of the school

As has been said already, it does not get any better than these apps as far as school management is concerned. They allow students to interact with their teachers by way of messages. Students can also use the timetable in order to view the timetable for the day. They are also able to get notifications of the upcoming examinations, and the fees that they are supposed to pay. The best part of all this is that they can get all the alerts in an instant. Parents also find these apps pretty useful even as they are able to switch various profiles and yet stay connected to the app.

5. Managing attendance of students

These apps come with some really powerful features for administrative people as well as the parents. Over here you can easily view profiles of students and get details of various batches. You can get all the details that you need about their attendance as well as their timetables for various days. These apps also allow attendance to be taken. On these apps, students can also apply for leaves and you can either approve of them or disapprove.      

6. Creating a sense of identity among students

With these apps, you can create the app’s look just the way you would want it to be. The logo of the school becomes the icon of the app and the app is named in that of your school’s name as well. You can also choose a color theme for the app as well. You can do it in the colors of your school as well. Over here you can also create customized pages where important things such as the message of the chairman and vision of the founder are shared. All this creates a great sense of identity and pride among the students.


7. Learning-related benefits

There are several benefits of a school management mobile app. One of them is that it helps the students learn a lot better than what would have been possible otherwise. There is nothing to deny that this is the digital age. This is why the schools have to up their game so that their students are properly acquainted with the various online tools that are in vogue these days. When these tools become a part of their everyday lessons it improves their learning experience and vastly so, it may be added as well. School ERP systems have made it possible for schools to create a fusion of their traditional teaching and new age educational tools.   

8. The increasing popularity of these classrooms

In fact, such classrooms are increasingly becoming more popular even as we speak. Schools these days are using many educational tools. The most prominent among them are digital whiteboards, micro-learning modules, and the game plays. All these tools have made the classrooms a lot more interesting for the students than what they were earlier. Teachers these days are also using a wide variety of audiovisual (AV) tools such as the following:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Learning AVs
  • Virtual trips

All these tools have definitely made learning a lot more interesting for the students than what it was earlier.

9. Optimizing the learning experience

It is now possible for schools and teachers to optimize the learning experience that they are providing to the students. They are now able to help all kinds of students and reach out to them as and when needed as well. The best part of this is that all kinds of learners can now be benefited. This is surely great news for the weaker students who face issues in learning in a regulated environment.

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