Importance Of Transport Management System in School

bus and transport management system
Why School needs a Transport Management System?

A decade ago, when selecting a school for their kids, one of the key considerations for parents was geographical proximity. This essentially meant that parents usually sent their kids to the school that was closest to their home.

This statement no longer holds true.

Today, parents do not mind sending their children to a school located at a distance because schools have created a transport system that ensures that pick-up and drop of all their students and staff. However, for many schools, this transport system is basic and rudimentary offering only the basic drop-off and pickup services.

But this does not suffice anymore.

Over the past few years, our newspapers have been filled with horrifying articles that highlight the lack of safety standards and security precautions in schools. As schools work towards this goal of ensuring the safety of their students and staff, schools and other educational institutes need to create strategies and make diligent efforts to ensure that their school and the school campus is safe and secure. One essential aspect of creating a safer school environment is to invest in a right transport management system that ensures a secured transport of students while simultaneously giving a complete overview and 360 support for all school transport operations.

Some Top Features of School Bus & Transport Management System

1)    Regular Alerts Sent To Parents

Transport management systems track the various school vehicles and help keep the parents updated about their child’s commute every morning. Parents can use this remote tracking feature on their mobile devices and get information ranging from delays in the drop/pick to the exact location of the bus at any moment

2)    Transport Fee Collection

This feature of the transport management makes it easier for parents to pay off the transport fees and collect the receipt from the comfort of their home or office.

Additionally, this feature also allows the school to manage the salaries of the drivers and transport staff with ease.

3)    Transport Scheduling

The transport management system allows the school the schedule the various school routes in an efficient manner. It also allows for the school administrative team to easily delete routes, assign new routes for students, and assign bus supervisors to routes. These tasks when done by a human administrator may lead to errors, plus it can be a time and energy-consuming task. However, when delegated to the transport management system like Fedena, this task is taken care of in an efficient and error-free manner.

4)    Transport Related Reports

The school transport system helps the school manage a record of all the transport system related system. This includes creating comprehensive reports related to transport insurance, bus identification, driver attendance, driver punctuality, route mapping, etc.

This ensures that any transport-related information that the school may need will be easily available, in a hassle-free manner.

Reasons to Invest In the Fedena Transport Management System

The Fedena school management system helps schools optimize their functioning and easily manage all the school-related functions, including the school transport management system. This low cost, easily customizable solution ensures that managing your school transport system is easier than ever before.

Here are a few top reasons to invest in the Fedena Transport Management System

1) Real-time information on students traveling on the bus

One of the key benefits of the Fedena Transport Management System is that it gives parents and the school authorities regular updates on where the school bus is at all times. This helps gives parents peace of mind and helps instill a sense of security in their minds about the welfare and security of their kids.

This feature even helps the drivers feel a sense of security and gives them an added sense of responsibility know that their actions and driving speed are being by the school authorities monitored at all times.

2) Real-time alerts sent to parents

In case of emergencies, the software sends real-time updates and alerts to parents through SMS, or emails updating them on any discrepancies or deviation in the routine schedule of the bus.

3) Records

From records of the drivers, copies of their licenses, addresses to the repair and service records of the bus, fuel expense records, insurance details, the school transport management manages to keep an updated and real-time data of all the vehicle and driver-related information.

This information is vital for ensuring a smooth-running school transport management system and is one of the key features that is appealing to school and educational institutes. These online records are not only error-free but they also ensure a smooth workflow.

4) Going Green and Paperless

Another key advantage of a school transport management system is the reduction in paperwork and the wastage of paper, thus enabling the school to go one step closer to reducing their carbon footprint and going green

5) Boost in the safety metrics of the school.

A school management system is a great way to improve the safety metrics of the school. When the drivers, bus helpers, and supervisors know that they are being monitored real-time by the parents and school authorities, there is an added impetus to be more responsible in their driving, the students tend to better behave as well.

6) Easy creation and deletion on bus routes

Adding or deleting bus routes can be a tedious task. However, when the school transport management system takes over this task, it becomes easier. All that the school staff needs to do is to input the data and let the software take over the creation of routes in a way that is cost-effective and time-saving.


Today, one of the main worries of every parent is the safety of the child when they step away from home. Parents trust the schools with keeping their children safe during the learning hours and it is for this reason that it is imperative for schools to invest in a sound and secure transport management system like Fedena.

This small step will go a long way in winning the trust of the parents, assuring them about the safety of the students

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