How Parents Can Help Students During Board-Exams?

parents help student during board exam

The board exams are one of the pivotal exams in the life of any student as act as a stepping stone for their future. Not only do good results in the board exam help the students secure seats in a stream of their choice, but are the true test of merit, and successful accomplishment of exam boosts the confidence of the students, helps them secure scholarships, and can be a determining factor in making important career choices.

It is for this reason the schools, families, and society puts a lot of pressure on students preparing for their board exams. However, instead of putting additional pressure on the students, there is a lot that parents can do to motivate their students and help them prepare for the board exams.

Top Tips: For Parents to Support their Child during Board-Exams Stress:

1. Avoid putting too much pressure on the students

During the board exams, the students have to deal with the immense pressure with a large number of students competing for limited seats. Additionally, a difficult syllabus and other academic factors cause high stress among school students that lead many to commit suicide each year.

At this point, it is important for parents to be aware of all the stress factors in the life of the students and avoid setting unrealistic targets for them. Instead of pressuring their child to study, the parents should offer gentle encouragement and motivate their children to work as hard as possible without succumbing to pressure.

It is important to assure the students that you are there for them and that you will support them irrespective of their exam results.

2. Pay attention to nutrition, exercise, and sleep

Many students get so busy in their study schedule, that eating and sleeping on time take a back seat. Parents can encourage them to switch to fruits and juices if they can’t bring themselves to eat a full meal. Additionally, they can encourage their children to take frequent naps if they prefer studying through the night.

Another key thing that parents can do is ensure that the kids step away from their books for a small walk or a stroll at least once a day. This ensures that the students get some fresh air and some exercise which is boost memory and brain function.

3. Make time for leisure activities 

There is a famous adage that says, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is important to remember this and ensure that your child has an equal proportion of work and play as part of their daily schedule. Spending the entire day in front of the books can be detrimental to the mental and emotional health of your child. Therefore to boost study time concentration encourage your child to continue with their leisure activities to help them get a much-needed break from their books.

4. Help your child prepare a timetable

While appearing for the board exams, there are so many elements to a child’s day. From revision, memorizing, writing papers to ensuring there is time kept aside for rest and recreation. To ensure that each day is balanced and yet helps the students meet their study targets, parents can help their students to create a daily timetable.

Occasionally, in the beginning, students may also need so guidance to help them stay on the schedule. This can be a moment for parents to be supportive and yet firm towards their children.

5. Teach your kids the right way to study

Today the markets are flooded with books that help students strategize their studies – giving them tips and tools that will help them remember better and perform better in the exams. In the Indian context, some of these books include

  • Five Lies My Teacher Told Me: Success Tips for the New Generation by Chandan Deshmukh
  • How to Memorize Anything: The Ultimate Handbook to Explore and Improve Your Memory by Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal
  • Even our Prime Minister has recently written a book to motivate students called Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi.

There are many other similar books available for students appearing for their board exams that will help inspire the youth and prepare them for their exams

6. Keep numbers of helplines ready

Parents can also help their children by introducing their kids to the various government-launched helplines for students appearing for their boards. For instance, the Indian CBSE board has introduced the facility of IVR on a toll-free number (1800 11 8004). On these toll-free numbers, students and parents can obtain pre-recorded information on tackling board exams which includes tips for better preparation, time, and stress management.

Besides these helplines, it will also help to keep the number of principals, teachers, and psychologists handy so that students can reach out to them in times of emergencies.

7. Motivate your child with rewards

Many experts believe that instead of promising your child one big reward at the end of the exams, you can set many mini-rewards to celebrate every mini-milestone that your child meets. These can be long-term or short-term rewards. For instance, short-term goals can be the completion of a chapter or a certain number of mock tests. An example of a long-term goal would be improved performance in mock tests or pre-boards. Experts believe that students perform better if they have you will set targets for their entire preparation journey and reward each target with mini-rewards to motivate them.

It is important to remember that these mini rewards do not have to be large gifts but can be small treats from a favorite dinner, movie, a day off – anything that will help your child study better and harder.

More tips for Parents……..

The day of the exam is crucial – not only before the exam but also after the exam. It is therefore important to spend some time after every exam understanding how that particular paper went and calming the student down if the exam was particularly hard. Parents can also use this time to encourage their students for the next exam and giving them a much-needed pat on the back.

It is important for parents to remember that after exams, there is no point in scrutinizing the paper at length to point out the mistakes the students would have committed. This may have a negative effect on the morale of the child and may do them more harm than good, especially right after they have put in all their efforts into the examination.

Board exams are one of the most stressful times for an entire household. Often parents worried, lying awake at night with anxiety, wondering what can they do to help their child do better in the exams. We do hope that these tips will help parents not only motivate and guide their children sitting for board exams, but also help them with other students sitting for their annual exams.

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