How Can Your School ERP Software Help With Flexible Work?

How Can Your School ERP Software Help With Flexible Work?

Modernize your school staff using your school ERP software

What is School ERP Software?

A school ERP software is a platform, tool, or application that essentially takes over the organizational processes at an educational institution like a school or college. This means that all processes in the school – from admissions to report cards to grade books to creating alumni networks can be managed and executed by the right school ERP software for your school or college. There are obviously many advantages to this – from the reduction in the burden on staff to the increased efficiency, to even the streamlining of processes based on data being generated by the school ERP software. The key to ensuring that your school or college experiences these benefits, however, is in choosing the right school ERP software for you, which fits the needs and usage patterns of your specific school. This means, if you are intending to create a more flexible workplace for school employees, it is important to choose a school ERP software that offers features that support this working arrangement.

What is a Flexible Workplace?

The definitions of a flexible workplace are broad and often context driven. However, the generic definition of a flexible workplace would be one where employees are not physically or temporally bound to the actual building or timings of the organization they work for. Flexible workplaces are extremely common in the tech industry and increasingly in other industries. It should thus come as no surprise that they are slowly catching on in the education industry also.

What Do School ERP Softwares Do to Build Flexible Workplaces?

Flexible workplaces might not seem feasible for your school or college, but with the right school ERP software, they become increasingly plausible.

Below we explore how your school ERP software can help create a more flexible workplace for school staff:

1. Automate school operation

The primary advantage of a school ERP software in creating a flexible workplace is that it practically automates the operation of a school. A robust school ERP software will do this for the entire end to end workflow, making the management of processes and operations from anywhere and any time a breeze.

2. Instant communication

One of the key complaints many managers have with flexible working is that it is a detriment to effective interpersonal communication at the office – in this case, a school or a college. However, a robust school ERP software will offer opportunities for an instant, real-time communication in many forms and ways. These can include being able to send messages to groups, classrooms, certain employee bands, certain subjects, or specially created closed groups, or individuals, confidentially and securely in the school ERP software. For a student to excel, it is important for their team – teachers, and parents – to be on the same page. A school ERP software enables this kind of communication between the varying stakeholders in an educational ecosystem easily and efficiently, making flexible working communication a reality.

3. Real-time reporting

School ERP software runs on data, which means that all processes and decisions made about those processes can be data-driven. It is not a hardship for school ERP software to produce reports around this data to be understood and interpreted for the benefit of the school. At the same time, school ERP software can produce real-time reports that share what is happening in the school at any moment with all users – including remote staff who might be taking advantage of flexible working. No more does one have to be physically present at a school to track what is going on.

4. Data at your fingertips

The dashboard in a school ERP software ensures that any data it produces is not mere jargon or impossibly large to get through and understand. The dashboard feature in school ERP software like Fedena interprets this data and presents it in an easily understandable fashion. School ERP software dashboards are also a one window resource to know key metrics about the school at a glance, which helps people working remotely stay on the same page.

5. Student and employee tracking

Students and employees are easily tracked in school ERP software. Know what each individual student, classes or project groups are up to from anywhere and at any time. The same goes for employees – their actions and interactions with the school ERP software helps keep management apprised of what their staff is doing at any given moment, no matter where in the world they are.

6. Reduced burden on employees

Flexible workplaces are popular with employees because it allows them to plan for the vagaries of life. A school ERP software essentially enhances the flexible workplace experience, because its very function is to reduce the burden on employees, in terms of the bureaucratic tasks they have to perform and also the amount of time spent performing them. A school ERP software allows employees to work remotely because all they need to do to perform their duties at school is access to the school ERP software itself, and they are able to easily and efficiently do their work.

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