What Are The Top Rated Features Of School ERP Mobile App?

What Are The Top Rated Features Of School ERP Mobile App?

Over the past few years, technology has paved its ways into school and educational institutes. Today, schools have embraced many technological advances and have come to rely on them heavily for efficient day to day functioning.

Initially, the app for school management started as a database management system for schools to help them manage the sheets and sheets of student-related information such as academic records, financial records, medical details, etc. Over times, the app was extended to provide an array of school-related services such as attendance management admission management, transport management, timetable management among other things

One such software is a school management app that uses school ERP software. This is an enterprise and resource planning software designed for school management to reduce the workload of the administration teams. It also helps them to increase the efficiency of school administrative staff and helping them deliver timely services to the school.

In recent times a school management app is extremely popular in schools all over the world. There is a preference for these apps to also be available over the net as well as in the form of mobile apps which make access easier than ever before.

Here are a few top-rated features of school ERP mobile app for schools

1. Real-Time Notifications And Alerts

A regular day in any school is buzzing with activities but most of the time parents are not aware of these activities. A school management app helps to keep parents updated about the various activities taking place in the school from parent-teacher meetings, athletic meets, science exhibitions, annual function as well as other essential information such as delays in transports, homework updates, etc.

Besides the parents, even the teachers and school staff get real-time notifications and alerts on admission inquiries, timetable changes or any other relevant information.

This feature is highly appreciated by all the users and is one of the most essential features of an app for school management.

2. Easy To Use Interface With A Pleasing Design

The user interface allows the user to communicate with the operating system and run the various features of the app for school management.

It is therefore important that the user interface has a pleasing design and be easy to use and navigate without confusing the users. Even if the school ERP app has the most advanced features but is difficult to use, it will leave the users confused. The user interface must be purposeful and intuitive with the strategic use of color and typography to highlight the various features.

3. White Labelling  

“White label” refers to a fully supported product that is made by one company but sold by another. It allows the reseller company to the benefit of customization of the product with its own brand, logo, and identity. This allows the customers to associate the product with the reseller. It also allows the manufacturing company to focus its resources on finding cost-effective ways to make the product.

A white label allows the admin of the school ERP mobile app the ability to set the company details. They can choose whether the school name should be shown or their company name should be shown in the Application, thus allowing them to customize the app according to the branding requirements of the school.

4. Chat functionality

Another essential feature of a school ERP mobile app is the various communication features that it offers to the users. According to various children experts, student success depends on the effectiveness of communication among parents, schools, and teachers. The school ERP mobile app that has chat functionality allows for seamless communication between the school, parents, teachers, and students. It allows the students the freedom to contact their teachers and peers for emergency doubts and queries. Similarly, the parents can reach out to the school and teacher when needed.

5. Tracking Functionality

An app for school management is only as good as the advanced features it offers. Today schools are looking for more than data management in their app for school management. It is essential that the app provides a range of features, especially an advanced tracking functionality that allows the schools to track the leaves of the staff, manage the attendance of the teachers as well as the students, track the fees transaction and other necessary details.

Most of these daily tasks are mundane and take up a lot of productive time in the school administrative team. But the tracking functionality of the school ERP app helps save the time and effort of the school staff and helps them function in an error-free manner.

6. Management of School Tasks

Another essential feature of a school ERP mobile app is the management features that looks after various tasks such as timetable management, admission management, transport management. These tasks can be easily handled by the school ERP app to save staff time and effort and to help the school function in a more efficient manner.

7. Customization Of App Pages

For a school to use the school management app in the best possible manner it is essential that the school allow for the customization of the app pages. This essentially means enabling various features as needed by the school, disabling redundant features and allowing for a change according to the evolving needs of the school.

In terms of customization of the app pages, the school management app should also allow for a change in design, colors, and logo as and when needed.

8. Multi-language Support

We live in a global world where there are a number of languages being spoken on a day to day basis. In this case, it is important for the school ERP mobile app to provide multilingual support in the app.

9. Integration Capability

App integration capability enables independently designed applications to work together. It enhances the ease of use and is a very attractive quality for end users. This feature in one of the most top rated features of a school ERP mobile app that is highly demanded by the users

10. Affordable Pricing

As with any other purchase, product or service, the users are looking for affordable pricing that allows them the best of the above features without compromising on quality.

The Fedena school management mobile app offers all of the above features in cost effective manner thus making the app affordable for large as well as smaller schools.

To know more about the Fedena school management mobile app visit https://fedena.com/feature_tour

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