Various School ERP Modules to Improve Communication in Schools

Various School ERP Modules to Improve Communication in Schools

Communicate better with the right school ERP modules

Why flawless communication is important in a school?

In many ways, a school is a sum of its moving parts. Much like large corporations or big events, a school consists of numerous stakeholders with differing yet intersecting aims. In order to ensure smooth functioning, it is important that all these moving parts work in sync with each other. The key to doing this is, naturally, communication. Better communication relies on the sharing of information freely resulting in better decision making from all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

It is also important to remember the primary asset that an educational institution is servicing – its students. Good communication habits and processes teach students to be better communicators themselves, which is an important skill for their future. An educational institution that encourages good and efficient communication is one that is setting their students up for success in their future lives and careers out in the real world.

In this blog, we will discuss the following:

  1. How do school ERP modules improve communication in schools?
  2. Whom can school ERP modules help with communication and how?
  3. What are school ERP modules you can use to improve the communication?

How do school ERP helps in improving the  communication in schools?

Communications in an educational institution are something that requires careful thought and consideration as a norm. The school ERP system and its underlying modules must reflect this thinking on a system level. Most school ERP modules achieve this goal – they are customizable, with the level of choices offered to the user being quite right. For example for the SMS integration module, you can choose the audience, timing, schedule, content, and user accessibility. This enables effective communication from a machine in a school ERP system on a computer.

Whom can school ERP modules to help with communication and how?

Communications between all stakeholders can be handled by your school ERP modules. This would include teachers, parents, students, management, administrative staff, and non-education staff. All these stakeholders can user various school ERP modules to streamline communications between each other. What is especially great is that these communications-oriented school ERP modules are often customized to the specific needs of each stakeholder or the intent of the communication. You have many options of school ERP modules catering to communications – from SMS school ERP module to email to instant message. There is a school ERP module for every communication need between all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

What are some school ERP modules you can use to improve communication in school?

School ERP modules are aplenty in terms of options when it comes to improving communications in your educational institution. Often the school ERP module will cater to a specific kind of need of the hour or to the needs of a stakeholder bucket in the educational institution. Thus there is a pretty comprehensive spread of communications focused school ERP modules in the school ERP system. A robust school ERP system will contain modules that address the majority of the educational institution’s communication needs.

Some of the recommended school ERP modules – or at least ones you will find in a robust school ERP system – are found below:

1. SMS Integration

SMS integration school ERP module can be used by all stakeholders who need to communicate with an audience on their mobile devices – but still being reliant on phone networks. This is usually used to bypass blockers a phone may have on web-oriented communications, discussed later. Using this module, management can alert parents to updates from the school, for example, teachers can send class-wide updates to their students, transport management module can integrate with sms integrated module to send SMS alert containing information about mode of transport, timing, live tracking of the vehicle etc., to both students and parents, as needed.

2. E-mail Integration

Email integration module works the same as the SMS integration school ERP module, but merely over email. This is especially useful when sending out detailed messages or official communications that are just saved to inboxes of the recipient. Email can now be argued to be legally binding making this kind of communication module an apt choice for communication between stakeholders like management and parents or teachers and parents.

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3. Discussion Module

Discussion module can be used by teachers and students to interact and create some back and forth by posting comments in it. Members of a discussion group created in the discussion module have access to post and comment on other posts in order to create a discussion that mimics the one they would have in a classroom. Discussion module is especially useful in an increasingly globalized yet dispersed world – students are able to use the discussion school ERP module to replicate a classroom experience wherever they are. This kind of school ERP module thus has an impact beyond just its function – in some ways school ERP modules in school ERP systems can be powerful tools for the empowerment of the stakeholder the school must care for the most, the students they serve.

4. Inbuilt Messaging System

Enabling private communication between stakeholders is a key thing every robust school ERP system must be able to do, through the use of school ERP module. Inbuilt messaging system school ERP module is thus a must. An inbuilt messaging module will allow teachers and students to confidentially and privately and instantly communicate with each other for, say, a discussion about student performance in class. Parents and teachers can use the inbuilt messaging ERP module to communicate about sensitive topics like grades and teaching strategies. Management or administrative staff and parents can discuss fee payment details using the inbuilt messaging module also. The applications of the inbuilt messaging system module are many.

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