Online Gradebook Management Using School ERP Software

online gradebook management

Manage student grades online using gradebook software

Manually managing the grades and records of the students was not only time-consuming task but also not an eco-friendly process. But in today’s modern educational ecosystem, where everything has become automated, instructors no longer have to spend their precious time in paperwork on grade calculations and reports. Automatically compute and update grades in real time. Enable instructors to enter grades from anywhere along with comments for parents to view. 

Why choose an Online Gradebook Software for your Educational Institution?

Most educational institution chooses to use gradebook software for a variety of reasons. Primarily, these reasons are centered around the efficiency of the process of maintaining an online gradebook using it. Some of these reasons for using a gradebook software are elucidated upon below along with how Fedena gradebook management software is the right choice for your educational institution:

Easily share examination results

No more standing in the queue or waiting for school to be in session or for a specific class to hear your results. Instead, refer to the online school ERP system in your educational institution to make sharing of exam scores or test results or any kind of grade for an assignment with each student easily. What is more, is that these are private to students – they can only see their grade in their account via the gradebook software. Fedena gradebook software makes it easy for students to confidentially and easily access their grades at any point during their career. It also provides special access to the gradebook software for parents, making the student’s academic progress a team effort.

Reduction in human errors

Using a gradebook software usually means that many of the processes that used to be done by hand are often automated. This means a reduced scope of error when managing the examination marks of the students using this automated gradebook management software. Exam results, test scores, and points for an assignment are a sensitive subject and for older students can make or break – reduce the incidence of human error when you use gradebook software to maintain your online gradebook. It easy to understand interface and easy to use functionality makes it the perfect choice for administrators of all skill levels. What’s more, is that it provides onboarding or training videos to help users.

Automates the complete process

A robust grade book software will reduce the incidence of human error to nil. How? By merely automating the entire marks management process and replacing it with an online gradebook maintained by a gradebook software that is entirely functional on its own. It is a good example of robust online gradebook management software that works perfectly to automate the entire process. This is a handy companion that can be relied upon to take over the entire process without any fuss or errors. It also works well with existing programs or other softwares. For example, it can be updated with external data because Fedena gradebook software can import marks and records into the grade book software easily.

Reduction in the workload for administrators

It makes life easy for administrators. Since the processing of grades and gradebook management becomes automated or at the very least contained to a single window experience within the gradebook software, it results in less pressure and fewer tasks for already overworked administrators. Instead of focusing on redundant processes, they are now able to instead direct their energies for more vital tasks. Allied information like attendance tracking can also be recorded in this system easily, making it the perfect companion to maintaining a comprehensive online gradebook while also making the administrator’s life a bit easier.

Reduction in labor costs

A reduced workload for administrators thanks to the implementation of gradebook software is also a boon for management. Optimise the workforce and reduce labour costs by eliminating positions and tasks that have been made redundant by the gradebook software, and instead direct funds towards positions or roles in the educational ecosystem that actually require human effort. It makes this possible thanks to how robust and powerful a system it can be.

Customized report cards look and feel

The most public-facing change will be the increased customisation of report cards that are made possible by the implementation of gradebook software. The capabilities of the gradebook software in use at the educational institution makes it possible for administrators and/or teachers create customised report cards, instead of relying on an outdated template. This means that teachers and administrators can create online gradebooks that actually convey information that is relevant to teachers and students using the gradebook software, instead of just adhering to the status quo or becoming outdated. Fedena gradebook software’s latest custom report feature makes this easily possible for your educational institution’s online gradebook.

A smarter report card

With its automated processing and custom features, gradebook software is the ideal way to build smarter and better report cards. What does this mean? It means that teachers and administrators can use it to create reports that are more informative than ever before, directly improving the efficacy of grades and gradebooks as a concept in itself. For instance,  it easy for teachers to add custom remarks and notes to a student’s, providing context to assessments. This is valuable developmental feedback incorporated into the students’ online gradebooks itself and motivates students to view examinations and school as a learning opportunity rather than a harsh assessment of their skills, especially in the case of setbacks or a lack of progress.

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