Key Attributes of Advance School Management System

Key Attributes of Advance School Management System

School management systems are changing the way that school function across the world. Today, with the help of various school ERP features educational institutes are able to function in a way that is more intelligent and user-friendly. Understanding the various benefits that the school management system offers, many schools and colleges have started using school ERP modules to govern their day to day activities and track the various paperwork that is managed by the school, thus making banal administrative work a lot easier relatively to the past.

Presently most of the school management system offers features  such as attendance management for the students and teachers, communication methods between the class teachers and the parents or after school communication between the students and the teachers, admission management for new registrations, time table scheduling and exam management. These are some of the school ERP features that are most appreciated and used by the school as they ease the challenges of daily work.

However, with new advancements in the field of education, there is an increased number of challenges that schools have to deal with, This brings with it the need for an advance school management system that can effectively manage these new age challenges in an efficient manner. Thus comes the need for an evolved and advance school management system like the Fedena school management system

The Fedena school management system offers a range of features that are updated on a regular basis so that they can keep up the challenges and updated requirements of every school and educational instate.

Some of the more recent updates of the Fedena advance school management system school include the below:

  • ID Card Generator

For security reasons, it is essential for all schools to ensure that their staff, students and teachers have ID cards. However, manually making these can be a tedious and time-consuming affair. The school ERP features of an advanced school management system ensure that these ID cards are made with minimal time and effort.

All that the team needs to do is to create and upload an ID card template or customize the existing template to suit the requirements of the school. The online system makes it easy to add images, photographs, and barcodes to help customize the content of the ID card in a way that meets the requirements of the school as well as suits the branding guidelines of the school.

ID Card school management system

  • Certificate Generator

The use of an advance school management system with school ERP modules also makes it easier for school to generate certificates for the students as and when needed. Using a Rich Text editor you can create certificates for either the employees or the students. Additionally, it allows schools to upload backgrounds, add photographs, logos, and bar codes to customize the certificate according to the needs of the school.

certificate school management system

  • Reports Center

One of the key tasks of the teams working in a school is to generate reports. These can be reports related to grades of the students, the attendance, the transport system or any other details. A school ERP modules with advanced features ensure that these reports can be created efficiently, modified and customized when needed

report center school management system

  • Tax Module

With education becoming global it is important for schools to incorporate all types of fee structures followed by different institutions worldwide.  This also includes including tax modules that are followed by various schools across the world. The tax module of an advance school management system with school ERP modules enable taxes on all types of fee transactions – general fees, instant fees, transport, and hostel fees. This module can be used for VAT or other similar tax systems.

In an environment where taxation regulations are modified regularly, feature such as this can save the school plenty of time and effort and the online model allows for easy customization and modifications.

  • Custom Report Card 

Just like a flexible taxation module, Fedena’s flexible examination module allows all type of institutions to set up and manage various kind of grading systems for the courses they run, be it general, CCE, ICSE, CWA, GPA or CBSE pattern. The settings for each examination pattern allow the school then customize the report card format.

Teachers can easily customize the look and feel of the term and planner reports from Grade book the various report card templates that are available on the system. They can easily select and then configure additional settings within each template like an additional logo, color theme, student details etc.

Additionally, the use of an advance school management system with school ERP modules ensures that new features and feature enhancements are made all the time. This ensures that schools can always stay abreast of the latest global report card trends and communicate the student grades in an efficient manner.

custom report card school management system

  • Customize Invoices

The use of an advance school management system with school ERP modules also makes it easy for the school to customize the invoicing according to their requirements.  

customize invoice school management system

  • Biometric Attendance Management System

The biometric features of an advanced school management system with school ERP modules ensures that the school daily attendance is an easy and hassle-free experience.

Today, for schools to function they need advanced systems that will help support them as they reach towards higher learning goals. With an advance school management system with school ERP modules, it is easier to update the features and offer educational institutes the best of the last technology and bring them up-to-date in a competitive and complex world

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