Top Unbelievable Benefits Of Free & Open Source School ERP Software

Top Unbelievable Benefits Of Free & Open Source School ERP Software

There are numerous online definitions of Open Source Software on the internet. However, one of the most common understandings of this term is that a Free and Open Source Software is a software with a source code that is licensed free of cost and encourages modifications and improvements to the software.

If one were to break up the term, the term free software refers to a zero cost software with a  lack of restrictions on the individual users whereas the term open source software refers to collaborative development to help modify or improve the software.  It is due to these characteristics that Free and open software has been gaining widespread acceptance across the world and in various verticals.

In the realm of education to, the open source School ERP Software is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer schools and other educational institutions.

Some of the most unbelievable benefits of working with a free and open source School ERP Software are detailed below:

1. Easy data management

With the use of open source School ERP Software, the day to day administrative activities of the school become a lot easier to complete and manage. Schools these days having multiple branches and thousands of students on each school branch, keeping a record of thousands of students becomes a challenging task for the teachers and administrative authorities. Managing this data on files and paper is not very secure and can be a time-consuming task often leading to human errors and mistakes which can cost the school its reputation, also not eco-friendly.

It offers real-time data management, thus making it easier to manage all the reams of data that a school generates on a regular basis. Additionally accessing the data also becomes a lot simpler and faster, at the click of the mouse. Also, the automatic process eliminates the potential for human errors.    

2. No additional hardware or installation costs

Another reason that institutes all over the world are opting for a free and open source School ERP Software is that of hassle-free installation. This eliminates the need of hardware inter-dependency.

There is also no need to install any software as all open source software’s are cloud-based. This essentially means that all that the user needs to do is register for the software and log in from anywhere with a simple ID and password. Since all the data related to the school can be accessed from any web-connected machine such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, the schools no longer have to worry about traditional costs like servers etc.   

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3. Easily Accessible

Open source School ERP Software gives schools the freedom to access their data and other important information at any time and from any corner of the world – all that the administrator need is an internet connection and a device for logging in and accessing the data.

This also ensures that in times of emergencies, instead of spending time browsing through all the files in the school administration office, the authorized personnel can access the critical data from any corner of the world.

It allows the school to manage and run the school efficiently by accessing information and records with ease in few clicks.

4. Simplifies Communication

For any school to function perfectly and offer the best learning environment to the students, it is essential that there be seamless communication between the parents and the school. Without this, there can be multiple communication gap and misunderstanding between the parent and the school.

The use of a free and open source School ERP Software has features that allow parents and school to be in constant communication with each other.

Instead of relying on the age-old school diaries or the periodic parent-teacher meeting, the online software allows teachers to send automatic notes and updates to the parents on a daily basis if needed. This ensures that the parents are aware of their child’s activities and performance in the school and can take remedial or disciplinary measures if needed.

5. Easy admission management and enrollment

The admission season towards the start of every academic year can be a chaotic time of the year for the school and school administrative staff. However, the use of School ERP Software with admission management features allows the school to manage the complete admission and enrollment process with ease.

It helps you to automate the admission process making it more efficient and more effective. It also eliminates the chances of errors in the admission process, reduces paperwork and saves time and effort.

6. Financial and revenue management

It helps with the financial management on a school as it can support the collection of various fees, generate automatic bills and send timely reminders to parents and other stakeholders about the payment of fees.

Today we live in a world, where web-based resources are offering new and innovative solutions that are changing the way we function. Free and open source School ERP Software is helping schools to offer the best learning environment to students. This is done by ensuring that all the administrative tasks are taken care and the schools can focus on their main task of education the new generation to create a better tomorrow for all of us.

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