Student Portal in Fedena School ERP Software : Part 2

Student portal in school ERP software

In our previous blog, you have learned what all the benefits students can gain with Fedena school ERP software student portal. In part 2, we have focused on the Fedena school ERP software student portal features.

What features does the Fedena School ERP software provide in Student Portal?

Fedena’s own student portal is a good example of a robust, yet easy to use and adaptable student portal in school ERP. Here are the features you can expect in the Fedena student portal in school ERP:

1. Timetable Management 

timetable management

The Timetable feature in the Fedena allows error-free and easy to understand timetables to be created within a matter of minutes, optimizing it according to the schedule of teachers or educators, other employees, and the students themselves. This helps students plan their day better and remain top of being organized thanks to the Fedena student portal in school ERP.

2. Attendance Management

The Student Attendance feature enables teachers to quickly take and mark student attendance in their classes. This ensures efficient, error-free record keeping for students and for teachers to more quickly get to the lesson at hand, thanks to the Fedena student portal in school ERP.

3. Admissions System

admission management

Admission feature helps in smoothening the admissions process at your school. Create customized school admission forms and find students who are the perfect fit for your schools. Not only is using student portal in school ERP beneficial to students by making the admissions process easier, but even the burden on administration is also reduced.

4. Assignment Submission

In this module, the entire homework process becomes easier. Assign homework assignments easily within the student portal along with due dates, attachments that students may need, and other instructions.  No more paper wastage, teachers can collect the assignment in a unified place, review it and provide instant feedback to students.

5. Library 

With the Library module, library management becomes a breeze for your educational institution. Maintain records of all library assets, barcode all assets within the student portal in school ERP, keep track of all items easily and offer a seamless library experience to all patrons. An age-old experience is modernized by the student portal in school ERP.

6. Birthday Alerts

For a lot of students, school is often a home away from home. Build this family feeling using the birthday alert feature in the student portal in school ERP, which alerts you to student and employee birthday on the student portal in school ERP dashboard itself. Students feel more at home thanks to the student portal in school ERP, like Fedena.

7. Hostel 

hostel management

The Hostel feature in the Fedena student portal in school ERP enables administrators to efficiently manage student housing. Assign hostel rooms to specific students at a glance, manage room transfers, fees, and other hostel or housing related tasks easily. Warden can create customized reports in order to keep a track on every hostel related details. This system reduces labor work and improves their efficiency.

8. Event 

Thanks to with the calendar feature in the Fedena student portal in school ERP, managing events is a breeze. Events become a part of the institution’s calendar and can be color-coded to stand out and attract attention resulting in greater attendance and interaction from stakeholders with their institution. Schedule events, along with additional details, according to everyone’s availability and notify them of the same easily using school ERP software.


9. Discussion Platform

The Discussion feature of the Fedena allows employees, teachers, students and employees to collaborate, interact and create together. Discussions help with higher engagement between all parties in a school and result in newer thoughts and learning for everyone. Higher engagement in the student portal for school ERP results in more ideation and creativity for students and other stakeholders in the school.

10. Custom Student Remark

The custom student remark feature allows feedback or comments to be left in the form of remarks for each student from the teacher. Subjective, tailored feedback is key to helping students improve their work and learn more efficiently. In the student portal for school ERP, this kind of remark can be left for individual students or for particular exams, making constructive criticism easier than ever before thanks to the student portal in school ERP.

11. Gallery 

The Gallery feature allows the school to quickly share images and announcements with students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. In the student portal, it is possible to do create albums, do batch uploads and delete redundant albums as needed. Data shows that visuals like photos and videos tend to be more engaging for viewers, especially for the younger generation like students. Communicate more visually with your students’ thanks to the student portal in school ERP enabling greater inclusivity and engagement with students.

12. Calendar/Event Management

calendar and event management

The calendar feature allows better planning for all stakeholders in the educational institution since it allows for easy planning, scheduling, and an announcement of happenings on campus. It is also color coded making it very user-friendly for all users of the student portal in school ERP. Having calendar results in better planning and awareness of going on for all stakeholders in the school. This helps build a sense of purpose and unity within the school, thanks to the student portal in school ERP.

13. Report Center for Results

The report center feature of the Fedena student portal in school ERP allows reports to be generated for all the stakeholders in your educational institutions. Whether it is for students, employees, teachers or other stakeholders, these reports can easily be found and retrieved in the report center. These reports can range from everything like results for exams, course information, or fee schedules.

Fedena imparts each and every type of feature which your institute will ever need to operate successfully. Follow the link to know more about some other amazing features of Fedena- Feature Tour
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