Student Portal in Fedena School ERP Software : Part 1

Student portal in School ERP software

Why a Student Portal in School ERP is a necessity for your educational institution

What is a Student Portal in School ERP Software?

Student portals are essentially online gateways through which students of an educational institution are able to access information regarding their classes, teachers, and general schooling easily and at their fingertips in a timely fashion. Student portals are generally the student facing side of the school ERP system (meaning school enterprise resource planning software or platform). While there can exist student portals that are dedicated entirely for students, very often student portals are part of a larger school ERP software.

A school ERP software is more comprehensive and holistic in terms of its use, making it useful to teachers or educators, non-education staff, management, administrative staff, and others, in addition to the students themselves. Implementing the use of a student portal in school ERP will thus help also bring students closer to the various stakeholders in the educational ecosystem and help them integrate more easily with student life on campus at their educational institutions itself.

Why do we need a Student Portal in School ERP Software?

But do even need a student portal in school ERP?

In a world that is increasingly embracing technology, it is important to keep pace with the times. This is increasingly the case when it comes to engaging with younger students. A student portal in school ERP is an easy way to connect students more easily with their school. A student portal in school ERP lets students communicate with a variety of stakeholders in the school in a secure fashion, finish administrative tasks like fee payment and enrollment within the portal itself swiftly and easily, and also keep track of their academic progress without any hassles.

 Before jumping to the advantages of students portal in school ERP system. Let’s have a look of a student portal in Fedena  

It is also important to remember that most school and college going students right now have grown up with technology. This means that they are intimately familiar with its use in day to day life. Tapping into this level of comfort through the use of technology to convey important information is not something that can be ignored. Student portal in school management system is thus the swiftest way to engage with students familiar with technology regarding their education and learning experience while at their school or college.

Hence, Student portal is now a necessity for any school or college that aims to champion their most important stakeholders – the student – while also being considered a modern, forward-thinking school of repute in their educational ecosystem.

What are the advantages of having a Student Portal in School ERP System?

1. Improve Student’s Academic Growth                                              

A big part of good scholarship is based on good planning. With the student portal, the students of an educational institution are able to better plan their studies and learning. It allows students to keep their reading materials organized by course, communicate with fellow students or special groups for some peer learning or to coordinate group studies, review test scores confidentially, communicate with their teachers at any time and from anywhere for someone on one office hours, etc. The possibilities are endless and the student portal in school ERP becomes a cherished companion in improving a student’s academic growth.

2. Zero Time Wastage

In a fast-paced world, time is of the ultimate essence. Things are no different for students at an educational institution, like a school or a college. In between classes, extracurriculars, examinations, applications for jobs and internships or for college, and other responsibilities of life, a student has a jam-packed schedule these days. It is thus vital that students – just like the adults they will grow up to be – manage their time well in order to succeed. A student portal in school ERP will help with just this endeavor.

For students, the ERP system in schools eliminates long queues and cumbersome processes for tasks like fee payment or enrollment for a class, assignment submission, and much more. Using this automated system student are able to make more efficient and effective use of their time.               

3. Keeps Students Up to Date

A student portal in school ERP is a great communication platform on multiple levels. Not only is secure and confidential, the one on one communication possible with various stakeholders at the educational institution. Also, it allows for groups of students to conduct group study or for special interests or class and batch-wise groups to be set up easily in the student portal in school ERP. This means that teachers and parents can easily communicate within the student portal in school ERP about a student’s projects with access to allied information and notes available within the platform itself. Students are able to connect with their fellow learners within the student portal in school ERP to engage in some peer mentoring.

Administrative staff and management are able to send out SMS alerts or email alerts to parents and students through the student portal in school ERP to update them on breaking information in a timely fashion. The dashboard can display institution-wide notification blasts that are easily viewable within the student portal in school ERP.

Even a function like transport management is available in student portal in school ERP, allowing parents or guardians to track the whereabouts of their younger children, allowing for real-time updates on their child or ward’s well being.

4. Improve Student Communication with Parents

Communication is an essential facet of having a successful team behind a student’s well being and superlative academic performance. Other than the relationship between teacher and student, and teacher and parent, the lines of communication and equation a student and parent share is also very important. This is because only teamwork makes the dream work. The student portal in school ERP helps with this communication, while also being an easily accessible platform for information or materials that help contextualize school-related communication between parents and students.

Using school ERP software, parents are able to navigate and track their child’s academic progress and communicate with their teachers about how best to support their student’s efforts. In addition, it also helps students communicate similarly with their parents and teachers, while also engaging them in a more continual and holistic way with regards to their learning.                                             

5. Improve student’s communication with teachers:

Oftentimes, timely help is most scarce in overburdened and overstressed educational institutions. Being able to have access to a teacher’s help when it is needed the most is important for students striving to hit their educational milestones. Keeping this in mind, the school ERP offers a variety of modes through which student communication with teachers can be enhanced. This is especially the case outside the classroom, where a student portal in school ERP becomes a reliable tool through which students connect with teachers in real time.

For instance, they are able to send personal messages to teachers using the student portal, set up groups within the student portal that allows them to focus on specific subjects or classes, and also access all course and learning materials the teacher has uploaded into the student portal in school ERP. Thus, thanks to the student portal in school ERP, student, and teacher communication is vastly enhanced and made possible anywhere and at any time, even remotely.

6. Improve student communication with classmates:   

Research shows us that increasingly peer engagement and peer learning is becoming a mode of learning and teaching that educators want to capitalize on. The student portal in school ERP is especially suited to implementing this mode of learning within the classroom, while also ensuring that resources are used conservatively. In the student portal in school ERP, it is possible to set up one on one communication with students in a particular class, set up groups with special focuses or for specific subjects, and to also allow for shared learning through the use of common classroom materials. Thus, the student portal for school ERP is essential for student communication with fellow classmates.

7. Comprehensive information at your fingertips

A student portal in school ERP is essentially a repository of information that is useful to students. This covers a wide range of requirements that students and their fellow stakeholders will have, including but not limited to information concerning administrative tasks like exam enrollment, setting up of student events, communication with teachers, parents, fellow students and the school at large, information on where and how to access student course materials, etc.

Information is limitless and well organized in a student portal in school ERP making it more than a data dump or an unorganized information repository. Instead, the information in a student portal in school ERP is easily accessed, understandable and easy to use by and for the student. A student portal in school ERP is thus necessary for students overwhelmed or overloaded with large amounts of vital information necessary to their schooling and learning.


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