Key Attributes of Future ready Administrators

Key Attributes of Future ready Administrators

Automating daily operations

The first attribute that a future-ready school administrator should have is the capability to automate the campus and help it embark on a path to progress. The leader should be a visionary who always makes the effort to create a campus that is healthy, thriving, and progressive. The only way to create such a campus is by automating all the processes that are being done in a manual way. This way you would be able to do away with the repetition of tasks as well. For example, if you automated the process of admissions you would be able to do everything online.

This includes activities such as the following:

  • receiving applications
  • sorting applications
  • creating merit lists
  • displaying merit lists
  • sending notifications
  • document management

This way, you would be able to save a lot of manual paperwork as well. It would also help you do your work in a much shorter span of time, and this, in turn, would make the school a lot more productive as well. By automating all your processes you would also have complete access to all your necessary data on a round-the-clock basis. You can be sure that as far as being ready for the future is concerned digitization is one of the most important tools out there.   

Improving continuously and using the latest educational technology

To be ready for the future you have to grow at all times. As a school administrator, you have to believe in this dictum and make every possible effort so that you can keep growing at all times. You can be sure that if the latest technology is not being used in your campus you are not growing or improving at all. If you are serious about driving progress in your institution as an administrator you need to be aware of the latest technology being used in the domain of education.

You also need to be capable enough to put these technologies to use in your school. You can be sure that this would lead to the best engagement in the school and help the students achieve the highest possible growth that they can. As a leader, you should be able to use the latest educational technologies and you yourself should be able to use them as well. If you step away from this responsibility you can be sure that you are shirking the duty of helping students maximize their potential as well.

Using digital tools in a wise way

As a leader, you would have many responsibilities and people would always be looking up to you as well to set the example. They would want to be inspired by you – your actions, thoughts, and words – and follow each and everything that you do willingly or unwillingly. If you are a smart administrator you would be using various digital tools in a wise way. You would be very cautious about what you are doing on platforms such as social media. In fact, this would be applicable for any other platform where people can see what you are doing.

As an administrator, you should refrain from cyber-bullying. At the same time, you should also recognize such acts on these platforms and stand up against them in an active manner rather than in a passive way. You need to be an upstander rather than being a bystander. You have to be very careful about what you post, like, and comment on in such a platform. This is because of your actions and decisions over here have the capacity to affect a lot of people at the same time.

Managing data and privacy in a smart way

If you want your campus to be a smart one, you have to be smart about the management of data in the same as well. It is absolutely necessary in these cases. For this purpose, you can use educational ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and analytics tools that are meant for schools such as yourself. This way you would be able to find out some meaningful patterns. This, in turn, would help you make decisions that are effective, smart, and timely, to say the least. In these cases, all the data is there on a single platform.   

The best part of all this is that you would be able to access such data on a real-time basis as well. If you have the right kind of data management system you would be able to make all the changes that you want to and you would also be able to find out what would work the best for you. It could be any data related to the likes of students, campus, or the faculty in general. Security is of high importance in this context as well. You need to make efforts to ensure that such critical data is safe at all times.

Understanding and helping to bring about digital equity

This is the digital age but you would be surprised to find that not everyone has access to these devices as such. This is especially true for outside the school campus. If you are a future-ready administrator you would know that and also take steps to correct the imbalance as much as you can. As a leader, you may be aggressive with the promotion of e-learning. It would be a wise thing to do as well.

However, you also need to acknowledge that not everyone out there may have access to those facilities. They may not be as privileged as ones who have round the clock access to said digital devices. This is where they have to be provided sufficient time so that they can complete their work properly and stand a chance to shine just like the others who are doing the work in less time. It is very important to have digital equity in the school campus and the system needs to be as inclusive as well so that all kinds of learners can shine and do well.  

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