All New Features and Enhancements in Fedena 3.7

All New Features and Enhancements in Fedena 3.7
fedena 3.7

We are pleased to present our latest version Fedena 3.7. With each release, we have worked on introducing new and enhanced features to provide you with better user experience. With this release, we are bringing essential features you asked us- Custom Report Card in Gradebook, Transport revamp and few enhancements in the existing features like Timetable, subject center, Gallery.

This time we have named our release Titan, after the largest moon of Saturn. The meaning of Titan is “extremely important person”. We are dedicating this release to the “Father of Modern Education”, John Amos Comenius who is a titan in the world of modern education. He was born on March 28, 1592, in Nivnice, Moravia.

Throughout his life, he tried to improve the ways students were taught. His first success in this area was a Latin textbook, “The Gate of Languages Unlocked”, published in 1631. Comenius’s most important work, however, was written between 1628 and 1632, “The Whole Art of Teaching”. He addressed topics such as education for everyone, Learning by easy stages, Career preparation, Lifelong learning. It is thanks to him that educators today think these things are important. During his life, he wrote more than 200 books on his educational system of human betterment. He died on November 15, 1670.

What’s new in Titan?

New Features:

1. Gradebook Custom Reports

Gradebook with the new set of Report Card Templates allows customizing the look and feel of the term and planner reports. Select from a list of different designs like the Simple One Page templates or the Expanded Two Page format according to the requirements of that planner. More templates will soon be added with the existing templates. You can also configure additional settings within each template like an additional logo, color theme, student details etc. If you want different designs other than the ones provided, Give us a shout. Let’s make something awesome together.

2. Gradebook Records and Remarks

2.a Records

Show Student Records in Gradebook Reports as per the report settings in each planner. Enable Student Records, set the frequency as once each exam, once each term or once each planner depending on how Student Records are to be displayed in reports. Add new records and link the record groups.

2.b Remarks

Remarks feature in Gradebook provides a configurable Remark System. It comes with two types of remarks – General Remark, and Subject-wise Remark. Add General Remark to either Exam report, Term report or Planner report.

Enable Subject-wise Remark to allow remark against each subject in the exam planner. Create Remark templates using the Remark Bank. Add remarks from the remark bank to students from the Manage Remarks page.

3. Transport Revamp

Capture information like type of the vehicle, stops allotted, certificates with reminders if the license expires, details of vehicle maintenance and drivers/attendant allocated. All new transport feature focuses on generating optimum bus routes to ensure the most efficient use of school transport services. With the Basic Settings option in Transport Settings, you can configure how transport routes are assigned to passengers that is, enable the route mode as different pickup/drop route or a single pickup/drop route. Fare collection can be made stop based or a flat amount irrespective of the stop. You can also enable or disable auto update of unpaid fee collection when passenger route is changed. Also, you can import the transport settings of the previous year with the help of transport import option.

4. Master Fees

4.a Master Particulars and Master Discounts

All new feature in Finance helps to create Master Particular and Master Discounts in order to avoid the confusion and complexity involved in dealing with multiple fee heads. The existing fee heads and discounts can be linked with the Master Particulars which will then be listed while doing transactions.

5. Late Attendance

Get a count of latecomers with the all-new feature in Fedena which lets you mark the student as late if they arrive late to class. Enable Custom Attendance to use this feature. The attendance report will vary as you enable or disable this feature. However, in the reports, the late attendance will be recorded as ‘present’ for calculation of attendance totals or percentages.

6. Financial Year

With this feature, you can manage different transactions carried out under a particular financial year. This financial year will be the default year range for the finance module. It helps us organize your transactions chronologically for better efficiency.


Subjects Center

  • Import Subjects

Now import subjects from as many courses as you wish, select the subjects from different courses to club them together as subjects in a particular course.

  • Last date for elective groups in the Subjects center

Keep a fixed date within which the subjects should be assigned to courses. So, once the date is crossed, these elective subjects cannot be assigned.

Edit subjects in Manage subjects

You can now edit the subjects in Manage Subjects. An edit option is provided against each Subject. All the details about the subject can be edited except ‘Subject code’.

Loss of Pay Days (LOPD) and Number of Days Worked (NDW) in HR Loss of Pay formula

Calculate the Loss of Pay by using either of the two, Loss of Pay Days(LOPD) or Number of Days Worked(NDW), depending on how an institution prefers to calculate the Loss of Pay for each employee.

Teacher availability matrix in Timetable Swap

Swapping has been made easier, you don’t need to go back to the timetable to check if the teacher is available. If an employee is already engaged in some other class or Non-Holiday event for that particular hour, then you will be notified about it.

Subject group mark calculation in Gradebook reports

Enable calculation and display of Subject group’s mark in the Gradebook Report. Also,

an edit option is provided against each Subject Group with which you can edit the name of the group as well as enable the calculation of score if required.

Gallery image download

You can now download the albums and pictures shared in the Gallery.

Message Attachments

Sending attachments with the messages is no longer confined to a single attachment. You can now send up to 5 attachments after this update.

Finance Reports

  • Particular-wise Student Transaction Report

It is now possible to generate a detailed transaction report of each student. The transactions will be displayed against each particular for every student involved in the process.

  • Particular-wise Daily Transaction Report

With this enhanced feature, you can generate a complete report of transactions done on each day of the specified date range.

  • Payment mode Summary Report

View summary report of transaction done in the different modes of payment.

We have fixed 20+ issues in Fedena 3.7 release. Learn about it in Release Note. Also, share what would you like us to improve next and for better Fedena experience try our free demo.

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