What You Can Expect from Fedena in 2019?

what you can expect from Fedena

Fedena is evolving consistently, every year making significant improvements in functionalities and constantly redefining its goals to impart a wonderful user experience and to make to product more modern, automated and futuristic so that it helps the institute in running their daily operations in a much more better way.

In 2018, we have seen from the Tax module to ID Card/Certificate generation module and for this year there are various innovative feature is in-line which will totally upgrade the Fedena.

Here are some key features which are going to be the part of Fedena in 2019, and will make it more sophisticated school management system :

  • Transport Vehicle Tracking in Mobile App

The vehicle tracking system in the transport module will allow integration of GPS devices on school vehicles. Parents can track the location of their wards vehicle during a trip and also be notified during various points of the trip like bus starting from school, bus reaching near the defined stop etc.

  • Lesson Plan

Syllabus plans can be created by the school at the start of the academic year. The structure can be defined by the school to capture the required details. Lesson plans can be created by the teachers for a specific duration like a week or a month. Teachers can record notes and comments against the lesson plan and send notifications to students and parents.

  • Custom Report Card Templates in Gradebook

The biggest update to Gradebook in 2019, Report Card Templates will allow users to select from a list of report card designs as per the need of the school. These templates will allow different types of details like attendance, performance analysis graphs, student photo etc. to be shown in the report card in different color and designs. 

  • Customizable SMS Templates

With this new feature, schools can customize SMS messages sent from Fedena with their own content. All automated SMS sent can be configured by the school. SMS messages that are sent often can also be saved as templates and sent quickly.

  • Mobile App – Arabic & French

The Fedena Connect mobile app brings the same multi-language support you have enjoyed in the Fedena web app. Starting next year, the mobile app will be available in 2 new languages – Arabic and French.

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