Top Unbelievable Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Educational Institutes

Top Unbelievable Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Educational Institutes

Among technologies that have revolutionized the digital world is cloud computing. According to a definition on Wikipedia, cloud computing can be described as “a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers, and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company.”

However, for the most of us, cloud computing is strong associated with organisations, offices and large foundations. Most people do not associate cloud computing with educational institutes and most people are unaware of the benefits of cloud computing in education.

Over the past few decades, education has gotten a lot of impetus by the government and this is one of the reasons that this sector has grown and evolved. But, one of the biggest challenges is modern schools and colleges is that lack of digital infrastructure. This is because the maintenance of IT infrastructure needs a wide range of hardware and software with ample investment and skills to support them.

One easy solution to most technical and IT related problems in schools and educational institutes is integration Cloud computing in education. It essentially means setting up the various computing resources that can be physically located at any place, but yet digitally shared in a seamless manner. It means the creating of a unified framework where all the school, student and staff relation information can be effectively saved and kept in a secure manner.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Educational Institutes:

  • The cloud computing with educational institutes guarantees that students, teachers, school staff, and parents have access to basic school related data utilizing any gadget from anyplace. The computing empowers the aforementioned audience  to do numerous activities effectively such as sharing classroom related files, service computing, creating and managing classroom collaboration systems, and online education and teaching.
  • In this system, an online classroom can be easily created for training and this classroom can be held electronically and between human and computer. These classrooms are secure, flexible to changes in conditions and goals and have a lower cost of implementation.
  • The use of Cloud computing in education ensures that the delivery of various services needed by the school is done efficiently and quickly.
  • The use of this technology enables the classroom teachers to quickly arrange and organised learning that is based on the performance data of each student. The teaches can personalize the lessons using the data and ensure that they are able to understand and tend to each student’s unique learning style.
  • Another benefit of using Cloud computing in education is that the classroom teachers have access to technology that will help them to standardize processes, provide access to centralized information data centers and this will go a long way in increasing the reporting consistency.
  • The use of cloud computing storage in schools also helps to diminish and minimize the costs of running the school on a day to day basis. (One of best focal points of cloud computing is the software-as-an-Service (SaaS) model. This model makes numerous product projects accessible either free or on an easy membership premise, which considerably brings down the expense of key applications for students in the school. It allows the students access to office applications without have to pay for installation, maintenance and updates for per user. This is one way to lower the cost by facilitating service delivery at a lower cost than traditional infrastructures and achieve greater economies of scale.)
  • It also ensures that the IT team is aware of all the services being used and the team can accordingly decrease any unnecessary ongoing operating expenses by paying only for the services use by they school.
  • Cloud computing with educational institutes is that is reduces risk and enhances security in the school. The cloud security helps the IT teams to only recognize and eliminate risks in the system but it also enables them to create consistent security policies across all the branches of the school. These security policies can them be easily enforced with up-to-date threat intelligence, high scalability and an improved performance of the school security systems

What cloud computing with educational institutes also does for schools and educational institutes is that they help to reshape the teaching in the classroom through greater opportunities for collaboration. The use of a cloud-based educational system offers a wide portfolio of cloud services that help to create a vibrant and a rich interactive learning environment to any student, sitting in any remote branch of the school. These cloud computing with educational institutes make teaching and administration of a school a lot easier than ever before. Even for schools that are looking to organised training courses for the teachers, can do so over the cloud in a cost effective way and across geographical boundaries. Cloud computing can open up a completely new universe of learning to students while reaching out to  more and more diverse students across geographies and locations.

Today, implementing cloud computing technologies in schools and educational institiues is a way to create a framework for schools in which they can offer the best to their students, parents and teachers. The cloud computing technology ensure that it check the requirements of the school and meets them in a way so that each students gets the best of the school.

School can utilize the cloud technology to convey better school administration systems that work efficiently with few IT assets while reaping multiple more benefits.


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