Benefits of managing school inventory using school management software

Benefits of managing school inventory using school management software

School management software makes managing assets a breeze

What is inventory management?

Generally speaking, inventory management or asset management is the management of inventory or stock. In educational institutions like schools and colleges, these would be assets like stationary, moveable infrastructure like chair, tables, desks, blackboards, teaching aids like overhead projectors, televisions, video players, DVDs, library assets like books and magazines, etc.

Inventory management in schools, thus, is the management of these tools and resources to ensure that they are being cared for properly, utilised in the ideal fashion, and the returns on the expenditure and labour on them are high. Inventory management thus affects multiple concerns a school would have – from ensuring their investment has good returns but also ensuring that all their stakeholders benefit from everything the school or college has to offer.

Why school inventory management?

We talk often about how schools need to be supported by a robust infrastructure and a wealth of resources – inventory management actually takes care of the execution of these ideals. Thanks to inventory management we are able to fully and effectively use all the resources we have at our disposal in our classrooms, and on a greater scale, in our educational institutions like schools and colleges.

It would be a huge waste of financial resources and procurement efforts to be lackadaisical about inventory management in our already underfunded and under-resourced schools and colleges. A carefully planned and consistent approach to the management of these resources would ensure that we gain the maximum use from them while also ensuring their longevity. Inventory management ensures we get the best returns on our expenditures on much-needed assets, tools, resources, and infrastructure in our schools and colleges.

What are the benefits of School Inventory Management Module?

We have briefly described the process of using school management software to manage your inventory above. It is clear that process-driven inventory management and the use of school management software are a great fit. Below we explain in further detail how school management software benefits schools and colleges who want to better their inventory management process and see better outcomes:

1. Better Organisation of School Property

The first highly visible benefit of using inventory management module to manage school tools, resources, infrastructure – just all of an educational institution’s assets – are that you will immediately see this entire process becoming more organised. When educational institutions use school management software they are forced to first make an accounting of all the assets they possess and register them within the software. This means there is one place they can turn to to get a comprehensive and detailed reckoning of all their assets.

2. Superlative Tracking of Assets

Since all requests for use, requisition, procurement and disbursal of assets go through a inventory management module and all school property is closely tracked. This cuts down on one-time borrowing or informal exchanges – which is invariably how schools lose track of their assets. This also means that there is a drastic reduction in the loss or theft of expensive school property. It is apparent within one glance where any given item, tool, resource, or asset is with the school management software since it cannot be signed out by an unauthorised person.

item-wise inventory report

3. Anytime and Anywhere Accessibility

No more standing in queues or filling out forms in triplicate for administrators managing inventory or the students and teachers trying to access them. The process of inventory management is far quicker and simpler than ever for all stakeholders – all thanks to the use of school management software. Students and teachers seeking to check out an item can only do so through inventory module in school management software. They can only do this if they are authorised to do so, which rules out an unauthorised misuse of school inventory. After this, they have to place a request through the school management software to procure the item in question.

Unlike before when this would have to be done with the inventory manager in person, after following a laborious and time-consuming process, teachers and students can log in any time into their school management software and raise an indent or a request for a certain item that they need. This does not need to be done within school hours but at any time or place of their convenience. This anywhere and anytime accessibility thanks to school management software means that school inventory is actually helping the very people it was meant to help while also being used appropriately – a win-win for all stakeholders!

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