How School ERP Software Is Enhancing Indian Education System?

How School ERP Software Is Enhancing Indian Education System?

According to the data shared in Relocate Global’s Guide to APAC Education & Schools 2017, India has one of the largest and the most complex education systems in the world. According to their data, there are over 1.5 million schools, which cater to more than 220 million students.

Over the past few years, the Indian education system has also been critiqued for use age-old education methods that include memorising, rote learning, outdated textbooks all of which do not provide any scope for creativity and innovation.

Today, many schools in India are realising that the need of the hour in this digital age is to offer education and teaching methods that are relevant, with tools that inspire students to learn in a creative manner and apply the same in the lives.

In this globalised era, education needs to move beyond the classroom walls and to do this schools need to adopt school ERP systems that help them offer digital learning tools as well help schools’ function in the best possible manner.

How online school ERP software improve the education system

  • Helps the schools function better:

The implementation of a school ERP software is a great way to ensure that the school starts to function in a more seamless, cohesive manner and at its maximum potential. The school ERP system ensures that time and the effort of the school management is managed efficiently by ensuring that all routine administration tasks are handled at the click of a mouse. This system introduces technology to manage the operations of an institute such as admissions, fee receipts, fee management, timetable creation etc. It makes day to day administration easier than ever before as reports have never been easier

School ERP solutions are precise and impart an assurity of less human error and mistakes. School ERP makes the entire system automated and ensures that the administration and school management processes are simplified, precise and quicker. This enables the schools to focus more on education.

Some of the functions that can be easily taken care of by implementing a school ERP system is school security management, timetable management, teacher attendance management, admission management, fee system management among many others.

  • School ERP software helps the teachers in classroom management

For school teachers, the school ERP software is a big boon which helps them to streamline the classroom activities. It ensures that many classroom management activities can be done in a faster and more effortless way making classroom management hassle free and easier than ever before.

For instance, with the help of a school ERP software the daily attendance become automated, thus teachers can save their time and effort every day over attendance.

Similarly, grading assignments is a big time-consuming task for teachers. However, with the help of the School ERP software that offers online assignments and tests, this task becomes easier than ever before.

Teachers are looking towards ERP systems to implement effective and interesting measures to evaluate students’ learning outcomes. It has been seen that students take more interest, immerse themselves in the subject, and deliver much better.

Some of the benefits of having a School ERP software for teachers include attendance management, report card management, grading among many other things. An effective School ERP software also takes care of communicating with the parents through automatic SMS and email alerts, thus ensuring that the teachers can focus all their attention on teaching well in the classroom

  • It helps parents build a better rapport with the school

For schools communicating with the parents and keeping them updated on all the various activities is a huge task that can be intimidating as well as time-consuming. With the help of a school ERP software, the schools can regularly update the parents about events and activities through group emails and SMS.

Additionally, it is a great tool to assure parents about the security of their children by offering them SMS alerts and timely updates about the school bus, the attendance of their children etc.

This constant communication with the school not only ensures that the parents are more accurate information about what their child does in school, but it also goes a long way in improving their faith and trust in the school.

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  • The school ERP software helps the students to learn better

In this digital age, it is essential for schools to update their teaching methods to keep students are well-versed with online tools and using that for day to day teaching can enhance their learning experience.

With the aid of a school ERP system, blended learning classrooms that offer a mix of technology along with traditional teaching tools have become increasingly popular. Additionally, the introduction to teaching tools such as digital whiteboards, game plays, microlearning module makes learning a lot more interesting for the student.

Through the use of various audio-visual tools such as podcasts, YouTube videos, learning AV’s, virtual trips, online learning has been made easier with the school ERP software

Today, to optimize the learning experience and to help reach out and connect with all types of learners, schools, colleges, and other educational institutes in India are vying to embrace innovative methods through the school ERP software. Today one of the most effective ways to enhance the performance of a school is the install the later school ERP software to ensure that the school is able to transform itself into a learning centre par excellence.

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