How Does School Management System Helps in Managing Financial Operations?

school management system

 Use your school management system for all your financial needs

What is the School Management System?

School Management Software is a program or application that helps schools manage their processes – like admissions, registration, class scheduling, financial management etc. – electronically. Think of every process driven task in your school and it is likely that there is a school management system feature that will take over this task for you.

Largely, the school management software automates and digitizes multiple school processes in order to reduce the burden on the school while also increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness. Efficiency is increased because the school management software takes over multiple tasks that would other be performed by personnel, that are prone to human error and take time to complete these tasks that school managements finish much more efficiently and quickly. Cost effective because they reduce the labour hours and man hours for every school across the board. School management software is thus a necessary technology in this modern day and age to ensure the efficient and effective running of a school.

Why does your school need a School Management Software?

We live in a technology rich, increasingly digitized, super connected and globalised world. It is vital that your school’s culture reflects this modern outlook across its functions. Every stakeholder can benefit from using school management software, including administrators, parents, teachers, students, and management. School management software ensures the school runs more efficiently on a day to day basis. It is necessary to have an efficiently running school in order to ensure a conducive learning environment for students and a suitable teaching environment for teachers. The right school management software will help make running a school a breeze, thanks to its multiple applications across functions and stakeholders.

Who can use School Management Software at your school?

As discussed above, school management software can be used by everyone. In fact, school management software touches every stakeholder in the educational ecosystem in one way or the other. School management systems positively impact parents, teachers, students, administration or non-education staff and management. It does so by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks and processes by taking over them or by making communication or work easier through the use of intuitive features. A robust and intuitive school management software like Fedena is especially useful for large schools or schools on a budget. If you are hesitant about taking the plunge, trying to see how a school management system addresses specific issues your school may have (do a needs analysis to figure this out) will give you a snapshot of how a school management system can make a real difference on the ground at your school.

Does a School Management System help with budgeting and finances?

School management software has multiple applications throughout the education cycle. School management software is capable of taking over juggernaut functions like admissions but also does not miss out on small details like keep track of student whereabouts to and fro from school and home. School management software is especially adept at managings process-driven functions like finance and budgeting. Robust school management software like Fedena is capable of eliminating increased workload on a school’s finance team or administrators by almost automating the entire process of fee posting, collection, receipt generation and reporting.

Below, we explore in far greater detail, what the right school management software can do for your school under each of these categories:

Simple Fee Segregation

In a large or busy school, financial errors can really impact the bottom line. This goes for all stakeholders – management that is collecting the fees as well as the parents who are paying it. Each student might come with their own loans, waivers, scholarships, penalties, and dues – a school management system keeps track of these variations in fees on a student by student basis, making it easy to see how much a student owes the school at a glance.

Anytime and Anywhere Fee Collection

One of the primary functions of the fee collection feature in the finance section of your school management system is that fee collection is no longer a painful chore for administration. With a robust school management system like Fedena, fee collection becomes easy — parents are aware of their dues in real time and can pay on the go from anywhere on the device of their choice. Fee collection is no longer about repeated paper notices, phone calls, or man-hours wasted chasing down a fee payment. Instead, all these processes are automated by your school management system.

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Easy Fee Receipt Generation

Paperwork can become so overwhelming for any organisation – but this issue is magnified in a school that seems to still run entirely on paper. A school management system eliminates the need for the student by student generation of receipts by hand for the administrative or finance team. Instead, the features of the school management system allow for automatic fee receipt generation once the payment is made, which is then directly sent to the parent for their financial records. Efficiency is the name of the game for school management systems.

Comprehensive Financial Report Generation

It is necessary to keep a record of all financial transactions taking place in a school, just for the sake of safety and financial regularity. A school management system makes this easier and even takes it one step better. Thanks to a school management system, financial reports with all sorts of cuts added in are now easier – generate financial reports for various metrics, class wise or batch-wise or even student wise. These reports are especially useful for management and administration since they indicate the financial health of the school and financial behaviour of its stakeholders, resulting in more education and data-driven financial policies or efforts in the future. Staying prepared is key to ensuring the financial viability of your school, and these reports aid in that effort by providing schools with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their schools.

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