How Attendance Management System Reduce Workload And Improve Teachers Efficiency?

attendance management system

The start of every school day all across the world is characterised by a ringing school bell followed by the voice of the teacher calling out attendance. This is a tedious and boring task that is a mandatory job for teachers as they not only need to ensure the presence of the student, but they also need to assign a teacher to time-keeping duties. This is essential because many schools like to record the timing of students and teachers to know who the regular late-comers are and who are regularly punctual so that students can be accordingly reprimanded or rewarded.

All of – this managing time, record keeping, daily attendance can be tiresome for the class teachers, impacting their productive time and eating upon their efficiency.

A new age solution to this is incorporating an Attendance Management System?

What is an attendance management system?

Attendance Management System can be best described as a software application that has been especially designed and developed to record a student’s daily attendance in school. An attendance management system helps to maintain the accurate record of the timings of the student – late comings, early leaving and generate summarized student attendance report for the students by applying various criteria at the click of the mouse.

Attendance management system

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Automated attendance management system saves time and resources of the teachers and it helps reduce the heavy workload that they already have. Since all the menial and mundane tasks related to attendance is outsourced to the digital system, the teachers can simply concentrate on the students as all the hefty manual tasks are now systematically managed by the software.

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