Benefits of Designing ID Card using School Management System

Benefits of Designing ID Card using School Management System

How the school management system can make the process ID card designing simple & easy?

Why do you need an ID Card?

An ID card might seem like a relic of the pen and pencil era for schools who are firmly placed in the digital world. As educational institute move towards digital platforms for the running of their schools, do we still need a physical ID card for students? Is this not just outdated thinking?

While the benefits of using technology solutions are something to ordinarily advocate for, in the case of the creation and issue of ID cards, old is still gold. This is an easily produced, tangible form that validates the student’s identity at any given time. There is no reliance on network, technology, platforms, or devices that are compatible with the needs of the authority checking for the ID card.

A physical ID card can also be used across campus for a variety of objectives – from entry into restricted areas to transactions at the cafeteria to being a pass to check out books at the library, a physical ID card serves as a sort of convenient passport to access various facilities and resources across the educational institution.

It also means that this form of ID is useful in emergency situations where a student may not have access to electrical power, or their electrical devices, or network that accesses their info from a cloud. It also works as a final physical ID in case the student has been electronically locked out of their account or services on campus.

It is best if a student’s ID card is made on the school premises using school resources. The benefits of doing an in-house production and issuance of ID cards using the school management system are many. Below we explore the detailed benefits of not just creating and producing ID cards in-house, but also why using your school management system is the best way to produce ID cards.

Benefits of designing school ID Card using school management system:

1. In-house production ensures security

Using the in-house school management system to create and produce ID cards for students has multiple benefits, but the primary one is that it is the most secure way to create an ID. We need an ID to be valid and reliable as a source of validating who the student is – knowing that this ID card has been produced within secure school facilities, using the school’s own school management system lends an authenticity to the ID card which cannot be replicated when relying on a vendor. When it comes to something as important as an ID card, it is better to use the school management system and be safe, rather than sorry.

2. Faster and more efficient in-house production

Using the in-house school management system is a far more efficient and timely process than relying on an external vendor to produce a student’s ID card. The time lag between raising a request, producing the ID card using external equipment and then delivery of the card to the office who would then hand it to the student at an appointed time is too long to ignore. Using the school management system to produce the ID card is much faster, instead.

3. Easy replacement in case of loss or changes

Students lose ID cards or need their information updated on the ID card all the time. We have already discussed above how using an external vendor is incredibly time-consuming – think of this time delay magnified by the repeated loss of student ID cards! Students also often need their information updated whether it be a grade change, permissions and access update, or something as simple as an address change. Easy and quick issuance of a new ID card is possible with your school management system.

4. More cost-effective ID card production

It is not news that schools and other educational institutions are always working on a tight budget. Relying on an external vendor looking to make a profit for something as ubiquitous as an ID card is poor financial planning. Instead, using the in-house school management system to create, produce and issue these ID cards is much cheaper in the long run – this is a financial outlay that pays for itself!

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