Things To Keep In Mind When Think Of Starting A School

We all have a vision to change the world and create a better world for the future generation. There are many among us who want to achieve this dream by creating a learning environment for young students that will spark their creativity and help them to learn better and build a better tomorrow.

If you are a visionary with a dream to build a school, here are a list of things to keep in mind

Location, Location, Location

Real estate agents around the world have one mantra -: Location, location, location. If you have wondered what inspires these real estate gurus to say the magic mantra thrice, the answer lies in the importance of selecting the right location. When starting your school, it is important to ensure that you choose a location that is easily accessible from the city but also is not overpopulated with schools that will be a competition to your vision. If there is already a flourishing school in the same locality as you, then ensure that you are offering a unique learning experience to help you stand out from your competition.

Legal Formalities

Opening a school in any part of the world requires the school management to seek due diligence and complete all their legal formalities. You will need to register your school with the education standard, get all the required NOC certificates and ensure that you meet all the obligatory legal guidelines

If you are opening a school in India some of the legal formalities to consider include a letter of intent to the education department stating the reason you want to start a school and how will it benefit the community at large. You will also need an environment certificate as you will be responsible for the safety of many children and lastly you will need an affiliation certificate as, without this certification, your students would not be able to attend the examination or get the benefits of its expertise curriculum

Registration of A School

According to the Indian laws, private organisations cannot open schools in India. This is to ascertain that education does not become a profit-making motive. Therefore, it is mandatory that schools must be operated by a society that has been created in accordance with the Societies Act of 1860 or by a trust that has been organised as per the Public Trust Act of individual states

Set Up A School Administration System

Setting up a school administration software will help you streamline all your daily activities so that your school will be able to function in an effective and efficient manner. A school management software will help you with your school admissions, timetable, human resource management, transport management among many other things ensuring that you do not have to worry or stress about the finer day to day activities of starting and running a school successfully.

Develop a curriculum for your school

Developing a curriculum for your school will not only serve as a guide as to the social, intellectual and emotional experience want to give your students, but it will also provide you with a roadmap as you create a learning community based on your vision. Today, there are many options to choose from – from following a state-approved curriculum or following a curriculum with a pre-set ideology such as either to Steiner Method or the Montessori method.

Developing a marketing plan

While it is important to create a curriculum for your school, it is equally essential to invest your time and financial resources in creating a marketing plan to spread awareness about your school. Depending on your budget, this may include a website, social media handles, blogs or you may even opt for billboards, TV advertisements, radio jingles etc.

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