Feature Update in School ERP Gradebook Management System

Feature Update in School ERP Gradebook Management System

There is a lot of advancement and change taking place in the field of technology in the recent days. These advancements have empowered the schools to concentrate more on educating the children rather than spending time on daily operations like marking attendance, conducting examinations, managing marks and much more.

The Fedena school ERP system has come out with many modules for the schools to make their administration daily operations run smoothly and in an easier way. Just like any other release, this time Fedena has come out with many new and enhanced features in its latest release 3.6.3, some of which are in the Gradebook Module. There are 2 new features and 1 enhancement in the Gradebook module this time.

New Features:

  1. Import marks and Planner
  2. Reports centre

1.1 Import Marks

Prior to this release, Fedena did not have the option of importing marks or planner. This new feature provides the admin or privileged employee with a mechanism to  Import Marks to upload them in bulk.

To explore this, please go to Gradebook > Manage Exams > Import Marks in the Actions menu. (Refer screenshot 1)


Click on Download Mark Sheet to get the CSV file with the student names and subjects. Enter the marks against each subject or activity and upload the file. The Import log shows the list of imports and their status. (Refer screenshot 2)

1.2 Import Planner

This new feature is used to import an existing Planner to a different academic year.  Under the Import Planner, you can also import the Exam groups, Classes associated with that Planner and also the Report setting.

Go to Gradebook > Exam Planners > Import Planner to select the planners and details to import. Click on Import Exam Planner to finish the import. (Refer screenshot 3 & 4)




2. Reports Centre

This new feature helps the user to view all the reports at one place, the admin or the privileged employee can view the reports in Gradebook.

Go to Gradebook > Gradebook Reports (Refer screenshot 5)

There are 3 report divisions under Gradebook Report

  • Student Reports: View and download student-wise exam, term and planner reports.
  • Subject Reports: View and download subject-wise exam reports.
  • Consolidated Reports: View and download Exam-wise report of all subjects in a batch with details like Average marks, highest marks and student rank. (Refer screenshot 6)


Enter marks privilege

In the previous version of the grade book module, only the admin was able to enter the marks for examinations. If any other employee apart from the admin wanted to enter the marks,  he had to be given the privilege to do the same. With the introduction of this enhancement, Fedena supports mark entry by the Subject teacher and the Batch tutor.

The Subject teacher can enter the marks of the subject with which he/she is associated. For example, if an employee named Mark Watson is teaching English for Grade 1 and Hindi for Grade 2, he can enter the marks and grades of English and Hindi for Grade 1 and Grade 2 respectively. There is no need to provide any additional privilege to enter the marks.

The Batch Tutor will get the privilege to enter the marks of the batch for which he is made a tutor. The batch tutor can enter the marks for all the subjects of his batch. There is no need to give him any additional privileges.

Having explained all the latest features of the module, we would personally recommend you to go ahead and explore all of them in your Fedena today.

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