Factors to consider before implementing ERP software for schools

ERP software for schools

What is ERP software for schools?

There are many technical terms that are floating around in the educational ecosystem, including ERP software for schools. But what is ERP software for schools? Let us break down the term:

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is essentially software that helps institutions manage internal processes. Largely used by businesses and organisations, it is increasingly seeing an application in educational institutions like schools and colleges.

ERP software for schools then is just planning or management software being used to manage school processes and functions. An ERP software for school will help manage a lot of things – everything ranging from admissions to onboarding to fee receipt generation and student tracking. It all matters on how you use it.

ERP software for schools is increasingly becoming a vital part of a school’s functioning. Imagine moving from the slower, old-fashioned way of doing things to using a simple, accessible tool that is agile and manages things faster and with more efficiency. This is what an ERP software for schools promises. It is a revolution in terms of school management – all made possible with your ERP software for schools.

How does ERP software for schools work?

In theory, ERP software for schools takes over the myriad processes and functions in a school. This does not mean the elimination of the human input, instead, an ERP software for school helps you maximise this input by eliminating time consuming and error prone processes that were bogging down stakeholders.

A school management system software is not just for management and administrator hoping to digitize some processes. Parents, students, and teachers also benefit from the use of the right ERP software for school. For instance, imagine enhanced parent and teacher communication thanks to private communication channels between them that are accessible around the clock and from anywhere. Student progress is measured more accurately and continually thanks to all this information being fed into your ERP software for school.

The right school ERP software can really enhance teaching, learning and communication on a consistent basis. This means a win for the primary stakeholder in any school – the student, who benefits from the efficient functioning of their school.

What do you need to start using ERP software for schools?

It is not enough to just start using any old ERP software for school. Schools must make sure the ERP software they are choosing suits their school. It is also important to ensure that the ERP software for school you have chosen for your school actually addresses your school’s needs. Here are some factors to consider before you start using school ERP software:

An assessment of the needs of your school

The very first thing that must be done to ensure you choose the right ERP software for school is to assess the needs of your school. The right online school ERP software will address its current requirements as well as cover any gaps or areas of improvement that currently exist. Understanding the needs of your school means that you will be able to choose the right ERP software for school, based on its features and capabilities, instead of making an uneducated decision based on popular vote.

It is important for this assessment to be comprehensive in order to ensure that the ERP software for school is for the whole school – this means assessing the needs of students, parents, teachers, non-education staff, administration, and management with equal weightage. After this assessment is done, one can narrow down on the key needs that the ERP software for schools will address.

Technical robustness of your school

ERP software for schools are easy to implement in your school – provided it is able to meet certain requirements. In addition to the needs assessment performed in the previous step, that focuses on requirements of parents, students, teachers, non-education staff, administration and management, there is a need for a technical assessment. This technical assessment will zero in how technologically robust the school is. Choosing the right ERP software for school then becomes easier. For instance, in a more high tech school, choosing an ERP software for a school that comes with all the bells and whistles you could want makes sense – the school is ready to use the ERP software for school to its full capability. In a less robust technical environment, however, a lightweight but functional ERP software for school is necessary for optimum functioning. There is no point in buying an ERP software for a school that is not actually able to function in the school and this technical assessment helps avoid this error.

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Training for all the stakeholders in the optimal usage

You have now purchased the optimal ERP software for school after careful assessment of your school’s needs – both technical and those of key stakeholders in your educational ecosystem. It is now necessary to ensure that these stakeholders actually use the ERP software for school the way it is meant to be used. While ERP software for schools is usually built keeping ease of use in mind, not everyone has a natural inclination towards technology. But this is not a situation that allows for this ignorance. This is a hump that must be used otherwise you will not be using your ERP software for school to its full capability. This gap in knowledge is easily addressed through training. Holding workshops for every stakeholder must be conducted to onboard them onto the use of ERP software for schools. This means everything from explaining why this ERP software for school is being used in the first place to the nitty-gritty of how to perform each of their current tasks within the ERP software for school.

Buy in from all stakeholders on the use of ERP software for school is also necessary, which means that your school must have a culture that embraces technology. Building both the skills and attitude that celebrates use of tech in teaching is necessary to ensure that your ERP software for school is being used effectively.

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