8 School ERP system features that parents love

8 School ERP system features that parents love

No matter what kind of school it is or the level it is functioning at it is very important for a school to use technological tools such as school ERP systems. In most cases, schools and such other educational institutions use these systems in order to make sure that they are able to manage and run their organization a lot better than what would have been possible otherwise. At the same time, the administration also wishes to provide a better overall experience to its teachers and students. However, parents also like these systems because of certain features.


One of the first features that parents love in a school ERP system is enrollment. These days, it has become a common feature of all school ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. With the help of this system, parents are able to enrol their children for the coming academic year as well. These systems come with entry tests as well as online registration forms.   

Online attendance of students

These days, the school ERP systems also come with online attendance facilities that are beneficial to the students and parents alike. In fact, these systems are designed in such a way that all authorized people can view the records and keep track of things if they wish to. Parents can also check out in a single window if their kids are going to the school on a regular basis or not. The benefit of these systems is that they get to view attendance on a real-time basis and at the same time they get informed regarding the leaves as well.

Management of fees

One of the biggest benefits of a school ERP software product is that parents always get the latest information about the fees that they need to pay for their children. They can always view the updated fee plans and thus stay informed at all times about this crucial aspect of their kids’ education. With the help of these systems they can easily take care of all the details and at the same time get notices regarding the dues that they are supposed to pay.

Getting connected to teachers

In case of most parents out there it gets really difficult to talk to the teachers about how well their kids are performing. They just do not get the time to take part in such discussions. However, with an online school ERP system, parents can easily get in touch with the students and keep an eye on their overall progress or lack of the same. These systems also allow them to get all the details of their child’s performance in different school tests and various other examinations.

School calendar

In most cases, these systems are also equipped with school calendars, where you get total information regarding how the entire academic year has been structured. Here you get details on the following and more:

  • holidays
  • events
  • assignments
  • meetings
  • lecture schedule
  • exam schedule

Scheduling meetings with teachers

Parent-teacher meetings are an important part of the communication process between the parents and the teachers. In fact, they also play a major role when it comes to determining the kind of relationship that the parents have with the school in general. With the help of these systems, parents get constant information and update about these meetings. This helps them stay prepared and attend the meetings without fail. For parents that value the education of their children, this is an important feature and it cannot be denied under any circumstances. In fact, thanks to these systems parents would come to know in case any last minute changes are made to the scheduling of these meetings.

This would also make sure that any and every kind of miscommunication can be avoided.

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Getting access to progress reports

As has been stated already, these ERP systems for schools can provide parents with all the information that they may need with respect to their children. However, the most important one among them without a shadow of a doubt is the progress report. All parents out there want to know how well their children are doing in school and the best way to gauge that is surely the progress reports. Now, with the help of these systems parents do not need to wait any longer for the yearly report card day with bated breath to know how well their kids have done. Instead, through these systems, they can keep getting such information throughout the year.

In fact, as may have been implied already in the piece, with the help of these systems the parents can also get information about how well their kids are performing in various tests and that too on a real-time basis! This also makes sure that they are able to immediately identify any and every gap in the learning of their kids and address the areas where they may be gaps in learning. This way, they are also able to arrange for help in that regard such as additional tutoring before the gap becomes a major problem as such.

Live bus tracking

This is, of course, a major benefit of the school ERP systems that we are talking about over here. These are uncertain times that we are talking about and as such, there is a consistent need among parents to be aware of the whereabouts of their kids on a regular basis. This includes all the trips they make to school and back as well as the various school trips and picnics that they take part in on a regular basis. With the help of an online school ERP system, parents can get a detailed route map of the bus that is taking their kids to school and bringing them back as well.

They also get alerts whenever their child boards the bus or gets off the same. Similarly, they would also get alerts in case the bus happens to meet with an accident or exceeds its speed limit at the time of driving.





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