What makes Fedena the best school management software for institutes?

What makes Fedena the best school management software for institutes?

School management software more efficient and effective than ever before

The late 1990’s brought about a reform in the education sector with the introduction of technology to aid school management. For years, schools, colleges and other educational institutes had to grapple with the tedious task managing day to day activities. Over the last few years, schools have recognised the importance of a school software for school management software and today the market is flooded with software and ERP systems that promise to make school management as easy as child’s play.

However, Fedena has outstood the competition proving to be one of the best school management software for schools across the world.

Here are some of the reasons that make Fedena the most preferred school management software for schools:

1. Easy to use and easily customizable

Every school is different and evolving over time. Fedena understands this and offers a basic Open Source code that is free of charge. This means that schools can build their own student information system customized modules or plugins to modify and enhance the basic functionality without changing the basic source code, which is always desirable. This allows you to tweak Fedena to match your unique systems and processes. Fedena also offers i18n support – this essentially means that Fedena can be translated into any language of your choice. For instance, users can switch to the language of their choice from their profile So, you can use Fedena in Spanish even if the main system is in English.

Additionally, Fedena is very easy to install into a system and can be efficiently used by any person with the minimal IT training.

These easy to use and customization features make it one of the most sought-after software for Primary – school management system | Secondary – school management software.

2. Plugin Friendly

Fedena is the first open source school management software that is based on Ruby on Rails. This powerful programming framework allows you to activate or deactivate various plugins to suit the needs of your institute. You can also develop your own plugins if you want or simply set the support of other developers for Fedena plugin building.

3. Manage multiple institutes from a single platform

Fedena offers schools the opportunity to manage multiple schools and colleges from a single platform. The admin dashboard will allow the administrative team 360 degrees view on the updates from the entire group across locations and time zones.

This is especially beneficial for educational institutes that have a large number of schools and colleges that they run. The multiple institute features make administration easy and hassle-free as the team can simply log onto a single software for all the institutes. It is also easy to setup SMS settings as well as email settings for all the institutions in the group without the hassle of setting them up separately for every institution.

4. Multiple Task Management

With Fedena, schools can manage multiple tasks with ease and simplify the day to day functioning of the school. This various task module offered by Fedena ranges from batch management, managing student admission, attendance management, timetable creation, substitute teacher allocation, analytics and report center, library management, transportation, promotion management, staff corner, SMS center, payroll manager, inventory control, payment gateway management, campus management, calendar, events manager. In fact, there are more than 18 core modules, 15 pro modules and 12 pros plus that make easier to facilitate all the processes of your institution and make administration easier.

5. API Access

Fedena offers API (Application Programming Interface) access to its users, thus ensuring that there are multiple methods of integrating and extending Fedena’s functionality. This API comes up with an SSO (Single Sign On) for enhanced security and seamlessly integrates with other software and third-party applications to manage teachers and students and enhance their productivity

6. Free Demo available before purchase

Make an investment in a software can seem intimidating to any school with limited IT experience. This is the reason that Fedena allows users to try the Primary – school management system | Secondary – school management software for free before you purchase it. You can experience Fedena’s User Interface and an excellent User first-hand as well as understand all the features it has to offer and find out Fedena can enhance the operations in your educational institute.

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7. Customer-Centric Approach

At Fedena, the teams believe that the success of your school in their success. This is why the company is focussed on helping you achieve your goals with excel as an academic institution. The team believes in constantly evolving Fedena is a product which is constantly being updated based on data-driven by our customers and their feedback. This constant feedback, together with their customer-centric approach helps the team develop a world-class Primary – school management system | Secondary – school management software that offers the best to the schools and the administrative team.

8. Mobile App

With the world going increasingly mobile, it is essential that technology follow suit. This is the reason that Fedena offers schools a dedicated mobile app in your school’s name. This not only helps elevate the brand image of your school, but it also helps everyone stay connected in a seamless manner. This app works for all user types with a number of functions that can be done by each user. For instance, teachers can take the class attendance, students can view timetable and the event calendar, parents can view attendance as well as teacher notes, principal and admins can send messages & announcements etc. using the same app.

The concept of school management software transformed the way schools function and grow. To know more about the various features of Fedena and the way it can benefit your educational institute visit https://fedena.com

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