What are the common functionalities of the school administration system?

school administration system

Key Points to consider when selecting a Primary – school administration software | Secondary – school administration system

Over the past few years, a school management software has emerged as a critical tool for school’s that will help them streamline their administrative activities in a way that only helps the teachers and the staff in functioning effectively. It also helps the school streamline all their daily administrative so that they achieve optimum efficiency in the way they function.

Below we have highlighted the common functionality of school administration system:

1. Communication Management

The school administration system to give the teachers, parents and students a unified experience that helps them communicate and collaborate better. Teachers can reach out to students through the various social boards and chat messages and guide them even during non-school hours. The messaging system can also be used by the educational institutes to send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, etc. and to the teachers about upcoming PTA meeting etc.

Parents can also receive daily alerts for the class homework, projects as well as reminders for special events and holidays.

Similarly, parents too can communicate with the teachers, clarifying doubts and sending student related updates when needed

2. Timetable Management

The school administration system offers a timetable management module which makes creating a timetable easier than ever before. Using the hyper-efficient drag and drop bars administrators can pre-set the timetable for all classes for any term before the academic year begins. This module will also allocate subjects to the various teachers as well as ensure those substitute teachers are automatically allocated for absent teachers.

Timetable in Fedena

Any new updates or changes in the timetable can be immediately implemented and the same can be communicated to parents using the communication management system.

3. Attendance Management

This is probably one of the most sought-after feature in school administration modules as it allows teachers to manage the attendance of the students without wasting any productive teaching time at the start of every class.  Teachers can ask for monthly or weekly attendance reports which are them automatically generated in a hassle-free manner

4. Admission Management

The school admission seasons can be one of the most stressful seasons of the year for schools. However, when school administrative teams opt for admission management software, the admission process becomes far more streamlined. Using this module will help educational institutes to distribute their admission forms to a wider range of students using various online tools thus successfully leading to a wider pool of applicants. Additionally, these digitally savvy applicants and their parents can use the mobile and cloud-based system to submit the forms, upload essential documents, apply for scholarships, etc. All these processes can be done online using the features and functionalities of the school administrative system.

5. Human Resource Management

It can also help manage the human resource functions of the school from payroll assignment, payslip generation, leave management including loss of pay deduction in the payslips. This feature helps the schools to manage their employees in all aspects.

6. Examination Management

Examination Management is another high-end functional module a must-have feature in a school administration system. This module will help schools and all other educational institutes schedule the exam into the timetable with any confusion. Automatic reminders and alerts can be sent to both students and parents also, the teachers with the exam dates. Additionally, schools can also set upgrading systems that will help with the quick evaluation of exams and publish exam reports with instant alerts and notifications to parents.

7. Hostel Management

A key feature is it helps the hostel warden to stay updated on the inventory of rooms and can assign them to rooms as and when needed to the students.

8. Transport Management

With the aid of the transport management module schools can effortlessly plan and manage the institution’s transportation system. The transportation administrator module can record vehicle information and define vehicle routes based on the number of stops, ensuring that automatic updates are sent to parents in case of delays to breakdowns.

9. Fee Collection Module

This is one of the most popular modules in a school administrative system that can help the administrator to collect student fees paid through cash, online transfers, card etc. and notate them in the software. Receipts can be automatically generated, and reminders can be sent to parents for pending fee payments.

10. Library Management

Scheduling time at the library for each class can be a tedious affair that is easily taken care by school administration system. In libraries where there are thousands of students accessing a limited space, the software will help the schools stay updated on the complete details of all books, all lent books, due dates for the books and unpaid fines for delayed returns.

These are few of the functionalities that are needed in a school administrative system that will automate the functioning of the school and streamline all the complex work processes.

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