Top issues around school management can be resolved by school ERP system

school ERP system

The biggest problem that a school faces nowadays is the prevalence of paper-based systems. Almost all schools out there do a lot of paperwork and it goes without saying that they are highly burdened by the same. Mention must also be made of the various manual processes that they undertake on a regular basis. You could be one such school as well. In such a situation it is but natural that you would find it really difficult to maintain the data and records in proper order.

With a school ERP (enterprise resource planning) system you would be able to perform such tasks in a much better work. You would be able to take care of various facets of your work such as attendance, admissions, fees, and transport to name a few.

Let’s check out what all issues can be easily resolved by school ERP system:

1. Online Registration

When you have an online registration module in school ERP system for your school management no longer would the students have to stand for hours in snaking queues just so that they can perform basic work like paying fees.

With these systems, you would be able to make your registration process a lot simpler and fee collection would be a lot easier as well. This is because these systems would give you access to the likes of online forms. You would also be able to send across automatic notifications to your students along with reminders and alerts.

2. Enrollment and Admission

As a school, you may find it hard to achieve your admission and enrollment target especially if you do not have a school ERP software to take care of these processes.

The beauty of the cloud-based educational solutions that we are talking about over here is that they help you align people, technology, and processes in such a way that you are able to achieve the best possible results. This way, as an educational institution you will be able to manage information at various stages such as inquiry, application, admission, and enrollment.      

3. Course Management

You need to design a course curriculum that would be able to adapt to the changing requirements of your institution. In this day and age, it is quite a critical requirement. This is where school management system can come in handy to such an extent. When you have a course management system such as the one we are talking about over here you would be able to achieve a lot. This would be true even if the resources at your disposal are limited compared to other schools.

4. Teacher Evaluation

As a school, it is very important that you are able to track how well or poorly your teachers are doing. This would help you judge how effective the teachers have been in the work that has been assigned to them. When you have a proper system to evaluate your teachers it helps you communicate better with the students and at the same time, you are able to collaborate a lot better with them. The best way to measure how well the teachers are doing in the classroom is through the feedback provided to them by the students.  

5. Communication and Collaboration

When you have a platform that allows for seamless communication between various stakeholders of a school such as students, staff, you administrators, and teachers it can only be good for a school. Quite often you see that more issues are arising with regards to the discipline of students. This happens mainly because there is a communication gap between teachers and students. With the latest education management systems, you can easily address such a crucial area. The communication is improved significantly by way of instant emails and notifications through media such as emails, push messages, and SMS (short message service).

6. Classroom Management

As a school, one of the biggest problems that you would face is in tackling students who tend to be tardy and get them in line. You need to deal with their various behavior and discipline-related issues. This way, you would be able to improve the environment of your classroom by tracking how disciplined these students have been. At the same time, this helps you manage their behavior as well. This way, you would be able to tackle the sluggish students a lot better and deal with absences that are uninformed by nature.

7. Student Monitoring

At times, teachers in your school find it really hard to keep track of the activities of students such as their attendance, their leaves, and their disciplinary issues. You also need to take care of the assignment work that they are being given and how well they are doing such work. This is the reason why you need to use monitoring tools based on results in order to track the extent of progress being achieved by the students. With these systems, you would be able to automate student attendance and streamline it as well. Simultaneously you would also be able to deal with absenteeism to a great extent as well.    

8. Revenue Management

As a school, you may find it hard to take care of your finances and keep track of the different kinds of work being done in this regard. You have to take care of fee collections as well as contributions. However, with the help of the kind of systems that we are talking about over here, you would be able to connect various stakeholders of your school in a seamless manner. This includes entities such as students, their parents, and your ex-students. This way, you would be able to make these relationships stronger.

9. Predicting Academic Results

Schools always find it hard to manage the huge amount of information that they have to deal with and this means that they are also unable to analyze it properly. This also means that there are plenty of delays in making decisions that matter. These systems contain useful tools such as intelligent analytics and dashboard reports that help you and your teachers assess information such as attendance, grades, and assignments to name a few. This way, you are also able to better predict how students will fare at the present rate and take steps to correct the situation.

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