Top challenges while implementing school management system

challenges while implementing school management system

One of the biggest reasons as to why it becomes so hard to implement a school management system is that the software does not always meet the needs and requirements of the industry. There are always some specific tasks that such a system is expected to fulfil and the problems happen when these expectations are not met. This is the reason why it is so important that you, choose a system that would do what you expect it to do. You need to plan the entire work properly and execute it well. This would make sure that the school ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is implemented properly.

Let’s check what top challenges institutes faced while implementing the school management system:

1. Affordability

Budget is one of the biggest issues that would confront you when you try and implement the ERP system. This is why before you try to implement such a system it is very important for you to assess the kind of money that you would be able to spare for the purpose. In fact, you need to look at the entire budget of your school in order to understand things properly enough.

You need to check out if the software is falling under you budget or not. Normally it would differ from one school to another. This is a very important reason why you should have a blueprint of how much the software would cost you. You would also have to look at areas such as implementation and installation. In spite of this, you should understand the immense benefits that you would derive from implementing such a system.

2. Data migration

Next biggest issues that schools face in implementing a school management system is data migration. As far as you are concerned it is very important that data is uploaded properly in the system. Also critical in this case is deciding which data to migrate. For this, the entire data needs to be analyzed in a clear manner. Normally data such as student admissions, student attendance, fee collections, and student report cards are said to be the most important data for a school. The people in the management such as you need to make sure that it is uploaded onto the database and is then properly checked to verify how accurate the data is.  

3. User Requirements

It is very important that the school management software being used in your school is able to satisfy the requirements and expectations that you have from the same. It should ideally be capable of dealing well with the following kinds of work in your school:

  • Managing course & admissions
  • Timetable management
  • Online examination
  • Attendance management
  • Fees management
  • Result management & more

The system should also let teachers, parents, and students have access to it by way of login. At the same time, various people from different departments in your school should be able to view this information from any and everywhere they wish to.

4. Internet Connectivity

This is always a major issue when it comes to implementing school ERP systems. The thing about this is that the ERPs used by schools these days are web-based. This is why good connectivity is needed so that the system could be provided with all the support that it needs. The ERP system in question should also be able to integrate with the software system that you are using right now.   

5. Training

The success of a school management system is normally dependent on how well the end users are able to use it. It is very important that all the technical and non-technical staff members in your school know how to use the system. This is applicable for the teachers as well since they would be working with the system as well. You should make sure that they are able to make the fullest use of the system. This is why the end users – the staff – are provided hands-on training so that the school ERP could be implemented in a successful manner. It is also important in this context to make sure that the ERP vendor has a technical team that would work in a dedicated manner and makes you get all the help you need in order to implement it properly.

6. Monitoring

It would also be great if the vendor is able to monitor how the system is going after you have implemented it. This is a key element in making sure that the system functions well and the implementation is successful. This could be done for a period of 3 months immediately after the system has been put in place. There are bound to be issues – it is important that the vendor addresses them. If the need is, the technical team of the vendor should take requests from you for help and assistance. The best thing to do in this regard is for them to offer their senior product experts to you so that the issues can be solved at the earliest and in the most effective way.


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