How to build brand awareness for institution?

build brand awareness for institution

What is building a brand?

In an increasingly competitive world, brand recognition help businesses and people stand out from the rest. Building a brand refers to the process of building awareness about the identity and worth a brand. It is an important part of the development of a loyal user base and to signal the values that you or your business stand for. This is an ongoing process that defines your place in the ecosystem you are a part of.

But is brand building only to for-profit entities?

Brand building is largely seen as a function for businesses or people who are trying to make a name for themselves in their industry, build a customer base, or to make a profit in their work. But this does not mean that other institutions can’t use the brand building to enhance the efficacy of their work.

From social media influencers who make a living entirely off of their “brand” to even non-profit or civil society organisations who want to ensure their developmental message reaches the right audience – a brand building is important in a world that is often overwhelmed by information overload. It helps your audience understand who you are and connect with you better, resulting in much deeper interactions, better engagement, and unending loyalty.

Why is it important for institutions?

The educational ecosystem is increasingly becoming complex and thus competitive. With many new teaching and learning techniques being unearthed regularly, it makes sense that there are different systems of education on offer in the education marketplace. Building brand awareness about your own personal system of education helps potential students, their parents, and educators seeking teaching positions at schools and colleges understand what your institution stands for.

It is also a good way to communicate the success metrics of your institution and what it can do for each of the stakeholders engaging with your school or college. Building a brand helps potential stakeholders accurately understand what your educational institution stands for.

How can one build brand awareness?

Building brand awareness can happen in many ways, but the first step is to understand the value and location of your brand itself. In the case of an institution, this would be understanding the benefits you offer all your stakeholders and how you compare on multiple metrics to your fellow institutions. After this has been accomplished, it is all about connecting with your audience. This can be done in a variety of ways, from building a strong social media presence to sharing updates regularly with your natural audience to promoting yourself through more traditional forms like meet and greets or face to face meetings. The key is to ensure all communications reinforce your brand.

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How can Fedena help you build brand awareness?

One of the most effective ways to reinforce your brand is through direct person to person interactions. Your institution does this in multiple ways already – like reminding students about the school rules during morning assembly or emphasising school values to parents during parent-teacher conferences or delivering key messages to teachers during teacher training workshops or via upskilling programs.

Fedena’s Alumni plugin can be the key to helping you deliver key results to your audience. This plugin helps connect students, educators, and non-educator staff connect with alumni to build networks and relationships. As any professional will tell you, this is step one to building lasting relationships that result in mentorship, focused advice on education and career, and keeping your hand in with the outside world. For students, this might result in a great internship that puts them on the map along with their school. For educators, it might result in relationships that help them open up the world to their students or give them the resources and tools they need to excel in the classroom. For non-education staff and management, it helps them remain in sync with the times and ensure that they continue to serve for real-life situations rather than a utopian educational ideal.

The Alumni plugin makes organising opportunities for this relationship building to take place a breeze. You can use the plugin to organise an event, create invites, manage a guest list and remain connected all within the Fedena platform. Making meaningful connections has never been easier.

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