How school management system helps in managing the student’s journey?

How school management system helps in managing the student’s journey?

From Enrolment to Alumni, your School Management System Covers It All

What is a school management system?

A school management system – like Fedena – is a platform that allows you to manage the various functions and processes of a school. This can include everything from fee processing to the enrollment of students, also manages processes for multiple stakeholders – from parents to students to educators to non-academic staff or management. A lot of these are automated to ensure that they are not prone to human error and processing time is reduced.

How is a school management system software beneficial to students?

Students are the key beneficiary of any school or college. All other functions are allied in ensuring that things run smoothly to ensure their success. A school management system that does not serve students is incomplete since it is not serving the primary beneficiary of the school.

A student benefits in an environment that is organised and smooth running in order to achieve the best learning environment. Students thrive on consistency and repetition, and the correct atmosphere sets them up for success for years into the future.

At its very core, school management software automate and digitize processes to ensure that they run without fail and without error at all times.

How does an online school management system help with student admissions?

Admissions were a long drawn out process that involved high levels of stress for everyone involved. Students worried about the mystery of it all, parents about placing their children in the right school and schools worried about evaluating applicants properly.

A school ERP system enables schools and colleges to create custom admissions forms to help best assess which applicants would be the best fit for their institutions. It also helps them manage their enrollment and onboarding within the app. A much better solution than waiting in line for hours to collect a form and then consolidating them physically.

How does a school management system help with student schedule?

Once a student is enrolled, a school management system – like Fedena – will help enrol individual students into classes and courses of their liking and per their schedule and availability. Being able to manage this on an individual level via the school ERP system means automated management of student calendars and the best optimisation of their time. Scheduling courses and student batches have never been easier.

How does a school information management system help with attendance?

To benefit from school, students need to be in school. Your school ERP system can help you mark attendance and track the attendance record of individual students. You can also sort attendance records according to class, section, batch, etc. This helps gauge interest in certain courses or classroom and assess attendance trends on a broad scale – helping schools make better classroom decisions taking student preferences into account. This is also a feature that helps track student physical, emotional, and mental well-being – if there are sudden changes in a student’s attendance record, teachers and management are able to flag the same for follow up with their parents.

How does a school ERP system help with student learning?

Your school ERP system doubles up as a learning management system for students. How? Various plugin to manage course material, study groups, and internal communication are all tools that aid in the learning process. Course materials can be stored in a repository class wise and even individual student wise. Study groups can be created of any size around certain topics or subject or by learning ability. And finally, an internal communication system ensures round the clock access to help between parents, students, and teachers. Student learning is a continual process and using tools within the same platform being used by all stakeholders ensures 360 degrees buy-in from all the entities that can really make a difference in the learning experience. School ERP systems are therefore key to student learning.

How does a school ERP system help with exams and report cards?

Your student ERP system makes examinations and evaluation much easier, by allowing for exams to be conducted within the platform and also sharing report cards with grades or scores with individual students. This helps them keep track of their performance and pinpoint problem areas and strengths more easily. Exams are not just one time events that assign a score to a student and decides whether they pass or fail. Instead, they are an opportunity for students and teachers to assess how learning and teaching have progressed in the classroom and its efficacy at the end of the day. School ERP systems help these stakeholders move to this mode of thinking and therefore better outcomes overall.

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How does an online school management system help with feedback?

School management system allows for custom student remarks and private messaging. This enables teachers to give confidential feedback that is exclusively for the student’s work. This continual communication enables a system of continual learning – key to the continuous success of students who are hoping to stay on track instead of just doing the bare minimum during their educational career. Getting detailed notes from those who are able to evaluate your best is a key metric to ensure student success – this feedback and communication help them grow and improve throughout their tenure in the school or college.

How does a school management system help after a student has graduated?

Post graduation, a school ERP system is still useful. For alum seeking to get transcripts of their previous report cards when they are applying for further studies or to show student records when applying for a job. The alumni plug in the Fedena school ERP system helps students who have graduated stay in touch with their schools or colleges. This plug-in helps students remain connected to current students, allows for the creation of events that will enable touchpoints and networking – benefiting even current students who might be looking for mentorship or job and internship opportunities upon graduation.

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