Benefits Of Online School Over A Traditional School

Benefits Of Online School Over A Traditional School

One of the biggest changes in the realm of education has been the transformation of the term school – from a noun to a verb. A decade ago a school could be defined as a geographical location where students went every single day. Today, with the advent of technology and digital learning tools, a school is a learning process – irrespective of the location and the time.

However, besides the flexibility of location and time, there are several benefits to an online school as compared to a traditional learning centre:

1. Larger Variety of Courses

Since an online school is not bound by space or time constraints, they are able to provide an unlimited number of courses for the students. Thus, an online school student has access to a larger number of courses that they can take at any time and place of their convenience.

2. Lower Costs

In a traditional school, there are a few mandatory costs associated with using classroom space and equipment. However, these do not apply to an online course and with the right tools and software, students can enjoy large savings on the fees.

3. Customised Learning Environment

Instead of sitting in a classroom with multiple distractions or a crowded library, an online student has the flexibility to create his own environment that is best conducive to their learning, this can include soft music, choice lighting and even stocking up of tea and coffee to create the most suitable learning environment.

4. Open Channels of Communications with Teachers

One of the biggest benefits of taking an online course is that it offers students multiple channels of communication with the teachers. Instead of waiting to speak with the teacher after class, an online student can clear his doubts by mailing the teacher, chatting with him on the messaging boards, or simply calling up for a curriculum related chat. This consistent communication with the teaching authorities not only makes the topic more relatable to the students, but it also increases their confidence in the subject.

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5. Collaboration and Virtual Study Groups

Students of an online course can also join virtual study groups and collaborate with their peers from across the world. This not only broadens their learning but opens their mind to new thoughts and ideas related to their subject. Online learners thus get an understanding of new trends in the subjects of their interests and stay updated at all times.

6. Learning At One’s Own Pace

In a traditional classroom, students have a constant pressure to keep up with other students and perform at a speed that they may not be comfortable in. However, in an online course, students can learn at their own pace, stopping to review the topics repeatedly, or clearing the doubts with the teachers. Even for students who are completing the course at a record pace, they do not have to wait for other students to catch up with them and can move ahead on their own in need be.

These are some of the benefits of an online course over a traditional course. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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