Rhea: Fedena 3.6.3 Release Note

Rhea: Fedena 3.6.3 Release Note

New and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena 3.6.3

Fedena 3.6.3

About this document

This document contains information about the new and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena. We strongly recommend that you read the entire document.

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.6.3

Feature Description User Role Module
Import marks and Planner Upload marks in bulk using this new feature in Gradebook. Go to  Manage Exams > Import Marks in the Actions menu. Click on Download Mark Sheet to get the CSV file format with the student names and subjects. Enter the marks against each subject or activity and upload the file. The Import log shows the list of imports and their status.

Import planner allows to easily set up the planner for a new academic year. Go to Gradebook > Exam Planners > Import Planner to select the planners and details to import. Click on Import Exam Planner to finish the import.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Gradebook
Reports centre All new reports centre provides grade-book reports at one place:

a. Student Reports: Report of each student for a particular exam, term or planner.

b.  Subject Reports: Subject-wise report an exam for students in a batch

c. Consolidated Reports: Exam-wise report of all subjects in a batch with details like Average marks, highest marks and student rank.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Gradebook
Leave balance report Generate the leave balance report for a selected duration. It will have the opening leave balance, leaves added, leaves taken and remaining leave count. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resources
Custom words This feature allows institutions to enable variations of commonly used words in Fedena with their own variations. Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings


What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.6.3

Feature Description User Role Module
Enter marks privilege Subject teachers and batch tutors have the privilege to enter marks for their subjects or batch in Gradebook. Employee Gradebook
Discount and Fine in Pay all Fees The pay all fees page in Fedena now has options to add discount and fine of collections. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Custom Import Changes are done in Custom Import to improve the bulk upload of data:

a. Increase in maximum number of rows that can be uploaded at once from 200 to 1000

b. Instruction page with examples added to imports, mandatory fields marked by * in CSV file.

c. Student import now also includes Guardian details.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Import
Leave management a. Leave reset by leave group and leave type

b. Employee leave balance can be edited during admission

c. Leave group show applicable leaves in profile

Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resources
Student Records CSV export of student records added Administrator, Privileged Employee Student Records
Library fine receipt Library fine receipt feature introduced Administrator, Privileged Employee Library
Fee receipts PDF export of fee receipts added Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Discount and fine in Transport fees Added discount from transport pay fees and fine slabs for fee collections Administrator, Privileged Employee Transport

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.6.3


  • Fixed an issue with Date of Birth not showing in student show result
  • Student show API throwing 500 when image file name include special characters

Applicant Registration

  • Removed the character limit for SMS from Applicant registration


  • Fixed error in PDF and CSV attendance report

Custom Import

  • Fixed the issue of Finance Employee Privileges not getting assigned during import

Custom Report

  • Fixed an issue with new Custom Report throwing 500 in the Arabic language

Data Export

  • Including Subject wise attendance in Data Export

Doc Manager

  • Unable to search for a file with any substring of the file name in the Documents module

Data Palette

  • Fixed issue with batches for hostel and transport fees are not showing under fees due to the palette
  • Fixed issue with dashlet page throwing 500 error while clicking on photos


  • Fixed issue with consolidated PDF timing out.
  • ICSE settings not displayed even when enabled in general settings.
  • Fixed issues in the calculation of total marks in grouped exam report showing of total marks in the examination report.
  • Total marks not showing in the examination report.


  • Fixed 500 error in student head-wise report CSV.
  • The issue with transport fees not listing in Manage Fee collection fixed.
  • An extended amount in words to PDF report of the fee structure and tax report.
  • Incorrect amount showing in transport fees paid CSV report.
  • Fixed issue with student-wise fee particulars in manage fee collections where students who did not pay fees could not be unchecked.
  • Removed condition of blocking payment in particular-wise payment  if partial payment through particular-wise payment page
  • Reverted to the earlier format of the batch fee heads report where student name is shown against each row
  • Fixed a performance issue in the management fee collection page
  • Fixed the error in Advanced search on searching with collection and username
  • Unable to add the discount for the fee collection of a batch, if there is any payment recorded for another batch in same fee collection.


  • The issue with changing Tax mode leading to 500 error fixed

Human Resources

  • Employee advanced search not showing full name in PDF
  • User is able to apply for leave even if an application exists, for the same date.


  • Batch name sort order is not available in a broadcast message.

Mobile App

  • Fee payment issue through the mobile app in parent login

Mobile Plugin

  • Hostel fee details throwing 500 error in the mobile plugin

Online Payment

  • Payment gateway error in the new instance when general settings are not updated first
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