Innovative technology in teaching and learning process

Innovative technology in teaching and learning process

There are several ways in which innovative technology can be used in the teaching and learning process. First of all, you can use these technological tools in order to get the students engaged and also ask them the opinions that they may have on the subject that is being taught in class as well as any and every other aspect of the process. When as a teacher you can create a closed chat group or even a special account on Twitter for that matter it will help you improve your communication with your students. You can also ask them to provide you feedback regarding the goings on in the classroom.

Advantages of innovative technology in teaching and learning process: 

1. Making it fun

It does not really matter as to what grade you are teaching. It could be a fourth grader or it could be a senior as well. Every student out there likes to have a good time in class. In the modern world, there are plenty of opportunities for gaming and you can make them a part of your teaching routine as well. You can be sure that using these techniques will make your work a lot more effective than what it was earlier and it will be far more interesting for sure.    

2. Inviting guests

These days, technological tools such as Skype have made it easy to invite experts in various subjects to your classroom and help your students get better. Their location now is no more a hindrance. Let us say you are taking a class on Genghis Khan. You can easily invite a specialist scholar to provide a small lecture on him to your class through Skype and help them get a better hang of things, so to speak. You can be sure that such lessons would be very interesting for your students and at the same time, they would learn a lot of things as well.

3. Letting students be creative

This is yet another benefit of using technology in class. You can always use technological tools such as the likes of photos, animated presentations, and videos to name a few. You can also create a number of interesting tasks with these tools. This, in turn, would help the students be as creative as they can and they would be a lot more engaged with the entire process too. You can also create some engaging contests this way.

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4. Encouraging teamwork

With the help of technology, you can let your students create small groups in class and work on a project or task as such. In fact, based on the requirement of the task you can let the entire class form a group and work on it as well. This way, you would be able to teach your students how to work and thus this process will be far more interesting as well.


These days, simulations have emerged as a powerful educational tool as well. Various kinds of simulations can be extremely helpful as far as teaching and learning are concerned. As such, they may be there in the shape of games they can be really hard to perform. This is why they can be so effective in a classroom.

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