Can Your School Management System Eliminate Paper Report Cards?

Can Your School Management System Eliminate Paper Report Cards?

Other alternatives a school management system provides

What is a report card?

While most people may think that the examination is the most taxing portion of a student’s pursuit of education, it is the consequent appraisal that results in actual change. Report cards are a time honoured tradition. Everyone remembers report card day at school, where report cards were handed out to each student, often accompanied by discussions between teachers and parents on the scholar’s progress. This was a milestone in a student’s life since it hopefully signalled scholarly progress and the forwarding of the student’s educational career.

What is the necessity of a report card?

Report cards are a tool by which students are encouraged to evaluate their learning through quantitative metrics – it helps them decide how they will proceed with their life, where to improve, where to continue excelling and to identify areas for support and improvement in the coming years. It also helps students recognise their talents, which can be key to identifying a career path for themselves. Report cards are thus an evaluation and development tool and a key milestone in ensuring thoughtful progress for a young scholar and his support team of parents, teachers, and institutions.

Why should paper report cards be eliminated?

Paper report cards have been around for so long, they feel natural to everyone who has attended a school. Everyone has a file folder of past report cards that they have safely tucked away into a locker – just in case they are ever asked for. Tenth and Twelfth standard report cards are markers of identity even today, despite the proliferation of systems like Aadhaar linking, etc.

However, these paper report cards are painfully obsolete. They are inefficient in terms of products and use. Anyone who has applied for grad school knows how difficult it is to run around getting attested copies or the fear of losing a report card that has gripped us all at one time or another. Replacing this obsolete tool of paper with an electronic version only makes sense in this new world that is increasingly going digital.

What is the report card feature in school management system?

Your school management system is already ready for this shift in thinking – thanks to the report card feature. This feature allows your teachers to update scores for assignments or exams submitted through the system. Report cards are accessed through this familiar platform easily and privately by students and parents alike. They are never lost or misplaced and can be accessed anywhere and at any time. They stay in the system for as long as your institution allows – maybe even forever.

What can the report card feature in school management system do?

Unlike paper report cards, the report card feature in your school management system helps you easily produce highly customisable and informative report cards. You set the rules entirely and therefore you are in charge of what information it contains. Report cards can be customised on the class level, board level, and branch level, depending on your need.

What are the advantages of school management system’s report card feature?

There are numerous advantages to the report card feature in your school management system over a traditional paper report card. This electronic version is secure and confidential, easily accessed and shared, environmentally friendly, capable of recording continual updates, and can be permanently archived. It is essentially a more sound and secure version of a highly important document. Over and above these features, an electronic report card feature in your school management system provides a very important service – developmental tracking. Being able to see markers of progress or deterioration for each student via evaluatory results like the report card help scholars, parents, and educators track the trajectory of a student’s educational career. The school management system then becomes a developmental tool that helps parents and teachers monitor their students and course correct as needed. It helps them zone in on the exact kind of tools and supports the student could need. This is key to data-driven development of a student’s mind, while also creating a development-oriented way of thinking in the student themselves. Inculcating this trait early ensures continual success even after graduation from school and the student moves onto professional life in a data-driven world.

1. Secure and confidential

Since the school management system can be accessed only by authorised personnel, only students, parents, teachers, and staff with the correct permission can access the report card. This means that this document remains private between the concerned parties. It cannot be passed around or distributed for scrutiny by other parties without the access being granted by
the concerned parties.

2. Easily accessible and shared

Thanks to the very nature of the school management system, your report card can still be easily accessed and shared (with your permission of course) across platforms and devices. What does this mean? Check grades and analyse progress on the go. Share data for further analysis and advice. Use the information for immediate betterment. Plus, depending on institutional rules, it is possible to offer alum access to report cards in the long-term – storage costs are low and permissions can be set for secure and easy access to former students of the school. Grad students rejoice!

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3. Environmentally friendly

In a dying world, every little bit of environmental consciousness counts. Instead of using paper that is eliminating scarce trees, an electronic version is much friendlier to the world we live in. Plus, unlike paper report cards there is no decay, no deterioration and no loss thanks to time and environment.

4. Continually upgraded

Since the effort put in for publishing a report card in your school management system is far less than the that required for a paper version, teachers can choose to continually upgrade pupils and their parents on their academic progress. Continual assessment is found to help students stay on task in their effort to reach their academic goals – and this is made possible with your
school management system’s report card feature.

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