Benefits of teaching coding in the classroom

teaching coding in the classroom

Benefits of teaching coding in the classroom

  1. Persistence
  2. Develop problem-solving skills
  3. The courage to attempt new things
  4. Improve Math Skills
  5. Learn the importance of context
  6. Improve Processing Skills
  7. Build determination
  8. Enhance creativity
  9. Get over the gender barrier
  10. Job Opportunities


One of the biggest benefits of teaching coding in the classroom is teaching the skill of critical thinking. You educators want all their students to be critical thinkers and this is where coding can be so useful. If these skills can be developed in kids at such a young age it would only stand them in good stead for years to come. When you are working on a coding problem there is no way that you can take any shortcuts and solve the issues. You need to devote a whole lot of time and energy in order to look at the issues that come up in this regard and then understand them at various levels.

This can be really helpful in various other areas of the students’ education and life in general.

1. Persistence

As such you would find it hard to teach persistence to your students but this is one skill that they must learn if they are to do well in life. You would always want your students to keep going no matter what problem they face. One way to help them do this is to teach them coding in class.   

2. Problem-solving skills

Coding encourages students to learn various skills that can help them solve various problems.

At the same time, it also encourages the students to think outside the box as well. For example, in coding whenever you come across a dead end of sorts you can always go back and try again. This mentality to keep trying it again and again till the time they can succeed will be immensely helpful for the students and they would attain success in all their future endeavours.

3. The courage to attempt new things

At times in your life, you may get stuck in a sloppy situation of sorts, a rut where you do not wish try anything new in life.

However, it is always good to learn new things in life and this is something that is applicable for all of us. As a teacher, you may never know what would interest a student. For example, you could see a student take to coding and excel in it when you may have expected it the least. In this case, all they needed to do was just attempt it once.

4. Math skills

In order to be great at coding, you need to have a certain level of proficiency in coding as well. When you are encouraging your students to learn to code, you are basically helping them practice their math as well.

The best part of this is that they may not even realize that they are doing the math. So even in case a student openly hates math but loves coding she or he is learning a few mathematical skills that will serve her or him well for years to come.

5. Learn the importance of context

There are certain periods in coding when people learn how to code but are confused as well. In such phases, it is but natural for them to ask what it all means. However, when they start to piece it all together it becomes one of the most beautiful things for them in life.

When you are encouraging students to learn and practice coding you are basically helping them learn the true meaning of the word context. Once this is out of the way you can also teach them how to use it in other areas of their education.  

6. Processing skills

When students learn to code it is a lot like learning a new language. This means that your students are going to learn processing skills as well. It is not a language per se like French, German, and Spanish but it is a universal language as such.

It does not matter where you are in the world if you know the language of coding your students would be able to communicate with other people, and that is a great thing, is it not?

7. Determination

Getting from one level to another of Minecraft can be rather difficult. If you do not believe this statement just go and ask your students. When you hear them narrate their stories you can tell them that it is basically coding. In fact, you would love their expression when those kids realize that they have been doing coding work all this while.

That realization is a great one indeed. Now, you can ask your students to use the determination they used in that work in other areas of study as well. This will only help them in days to come for sure.

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8. Creativity

Minecraft is a great example of how coding can teach your students to be creative. In this particular game, they would love the factor of creativity for sure – where they can easily build their own world and that too all by themselves. As such, it is quite a powerful game, to say the least. Kids get the chance to show off their creative side and innovate just as they want to.

There is no one to tell them to do otherwise. Since your students are kids they may not have a lot of say in what they are able to do and what they are not. However, when they are doing coding work they are the ones with all the control in their hands.

9. Getting over gender barriers

As far as the tech industries around the world are concerned it is men who seem to be holding down most of the positions. This is especially true when it comes to coding work.

But as an educator, you should want to change that and address the gender disparity. In fact, as far as countries such as the United States of America (USA) are concerned less than a per cent of coders happen to be girls who belong to the coloured communities. If you are a teacher worth the name you would want to change that. In fact, you can set up small communities in your school whereby you can encourage girls of colour to come forth and take part in such work.

10. Job Opportunities

In today’s competitive world, coding has become a necessary element in every organisation. Either student seeks a job in the IT industry or in the retail industry the basic IT skills required in every department. An individual equipped with coding skills is not only capable of earning a high salary compared to other job profiles but also the scope of opportunity expand for them.



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