Why must School ERP have Document Management System?

document management system

Does your School ERP System need one?

What is a document management system?

As the name might suggest, a document management system is a feature or plugin helps in managing the institution’s documents. These can range from a student’s homework assignment waiting to be graded by a teacher to confidential report cards being archived for posterity.

Why do we need an online document management system?

In today’s paperless world, documentation is usually electronic in nature. Most students, teachers, and administrators are increasingly shifting away from older filing systems and pen and paper documentation to electronic documentation. Whether it is a presentation, an essay, official records, or fee receipts documentation is unavoidable in an educational institution. Embracing change and moving towards the digital version of this necessary process is the first step towards greater transparency and accountability.

The Advantages of Using a Document Management system

1. Integration with existing school ERP system

Schools are increasingly going digital in every way – from admissions to notes to parents to the way the school curriculum is taught. Is it not time that documentation caught up? Having an electronic copy of paperwork that is easily created, saved, stored, and shared is key to bringing your school into the 21st century. It also means more seamless integration with your existing school ERP system, which means easier one window engagement for all stakeholders.

2. Easier processing

When document management is integrated with your school ERP system it means all-around easier processing. Whether it is filling in of admission forms, issuance of certificates for leaving or transfer, or even sharing of grades and report cards – these processes do not require the use of documents in the physical world. Instead your school ERP system’s document manager handles all of these with ease.

3. Environmentally friendly

Environmental science classes in school keep us well informed about the perishing of our world’s environment – a big portion of this is that we consume and discard paper at an alarming rate. Going paperless is therefore just kinder to our world. Your school ERP system is a big boon in this regard, since it helps digitize many processes including the increased use of electronic documents over paper ones.

4. Greater accessibility

We are all working towards building a more accessible world. Students have differing needs and instead of expecting all of them to conform to rigid and archaic processes, why not embrace assistive technology in a meaningful way? Document managers empower students with various challenges to access materials that might have been out of reach. Electronic documents are now easily processed by text to speech programs, image readers for the visually challenged, or even those who use assistive devices to read. Your school ERP system does not just cater to the model student, but every student, empowering them to maximise their potential and create the kind of world we all can thrive in.

Integrating document managers into your School ERP System

Why not just use existing document managers? What is the point of integrating it into your school ERP system? A simple reason is that it makes logical sense on many fronts – from ease of access to security. Having a secure platform through which multiple stakeholders can access relevant documents in a productive fashion is a boon to any school. A school ERP system makes this possible in the easiest way.

The Fedena School ERP System Advantage

Okay, you are convinced about the advantages of a document manager integration into your school ERP system. But what is the Fedena school ERP system advantage? Fedena allows you to really maximize your use of a document manager for all your school needs, whether you are a student, teacher, management or non-educational staff. Find out more here.

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